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Interview with Mental

            Interview with
    M e n t a l
        o f
   A N A R C H Y
          by Shadow/Artefact

MD: Hi Mental!  Present yourself...

ME: Hello  everybody!  My real name is
    Eric, and I'm a French boy, living
    150  kms  south  of Paris!  I'm 21

    years  old, 1.70m tall, blue-eyed,
    and  brown haired dude.  I'm still
    studying, and my main subjects are
    Electricity and Mechanics.

MD: Some personal infos!
ME: I  enjoy  chatting with anybody of
    anykind  of  t
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Interview with Performer

            Interview with

        o f
   Melon  Dezign

    done by Head/Alcatraz via mail

MD: Hi  Performer!   Please  introduce
    yourself      (age,      function,
    school/work etc).

PE: I'm  3  years old and I used to be
    in  a nursery school.  Some people
    say that I am also a coder, but it
    is only a rumour.

MD: You`ve  just  joined Melon Dezign.
    Why have you left your old group?

PE: That's a bit difficult to explain.
    After some p
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Interview with Dr. Outtasight


      w i t h
        o f 

MD: This  time I am proud to interview
    one of the best organizers and one
    of  the  most  known people in the
    Amiga-scene  called  Dr.Outtasight
    of  CRUSADERS!   He was one of the
    organizers  of  the  stunning  THE
    GATHERING`92-party in Norway a few
    weeks  ago, and he was also one of
    the   editors   of   the  great  *
    CRUSADERS  EUROCHARTS  * (remember
    the  great  Gallery the
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Interview with Sunjohn (aka Hannibal)

      w i t h
  H a n n i b a l
        o f

       Known better as Sunjohn!

MD: This  time I am proud to interview
    one  of  the  best coders on Amiga
    called Hannibal/Anarchy!  He might
    be  better  known  under  his  old
    name,  Sunjohn!   I  am  sure that
    nearly  everybody  has seen one of
    his  nice  demos like the stunning
    3D-Demo or Global Trash!  But this
    are  enough  wise  words  from  me
    because  you are all interested
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Interview with Virgill

      w i t h
 Virgill of SANITY

MD: Hello,    VIRGILL!!    DISNEY   OF
    ALCATRAZ  is here to talk a little
    bit.   Hope  you  don't  mind if I
    keep   my   Pocket-Memo   running?
    Let's  stick  to  the  tradition -
    please  tell  us  your  real name,
    your     age,     your    looks...
    Characterize yourself!

 VI: Well,   my  real  name  is  Jochen
    Feldkoetter.   I  live  in Germany
    near  Muenster  in  a  little town
    called Ibbenbueren.  I'm n
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Interview with Vampire

      w i t h

        o f
       D A I

             Arranged by
           Mop of ALCATRAZ

From this issue, there will be another
new  feature in McDisk!  Each time, we
will  try  our  best,  to  include  an
interview  with  an active scene girl.
Mind  you,  I wrote active scene girl,
and  not  just normal girls who maybe,
accidentally     own     an     Amiga.
Surprisingly,  Malta  is full of girls
who  own  an Amiga, but don't care too
much  about  it, or u
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Interview with Zozo

            Interview with

      Z o z o
        o f
     Majic  12

       done by MOP of ALCATRAZ

MD: Hi Zozo!  Please can you introduce
    yourself  to  our  fellow readers,
    and  if  possible,  give  us  some
    detailed    personal    info    on

ZZ: Well, I'm 21 years old and my real
    name  is Zoltan Kozak.  I'm living
    in  Hungary  and I'm a student.  I
    hope it's enough!

MD: I  know, that at the moment you're
    studying  at the college.  Can you
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Interview with Trix



     Arranged and elaborated by 

  P.S. This is the 4th Up-Date I got
              from Trix!

Yoyo   Flemming,   so   here  is  your
personal  interview and also the first
question  for  you...   Tell  us  some
personal   infos  (life,  school/work,
age, functions and outer appearance).

But who cares????   Well, I'm Trix and
I'm one of the three STOLEN DATA main-
editors (together with Judge Drokk and
... read more

Party Reports

Report on Assembly 1992

   Party  Report
   ASSEMBLY 1992


We  Deadliners  arrived at the party a
bit  late,  but  not too late to catch
the  action.  This report may be a bit
on  the organizer point of view, since
two  of us (Doc.X and I) helped around
a  bit,  but  I'll  try  making  it as
interesting as possible.

The    first   day,   nothing   really
happened.  Everyone was coding, making
music or drawing, preparing themselves
for the next day, the competition day.

The  competi
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Report on Prime Party 1992

     PRIME `92 

Saturday  the  1st of August, I got up
early  and packed some bags with disks
and  stuff..   Yeah  it  was  time for
another PRIME party!

Who:    As   always   this  party  was
organized  by  the  guys  from Mirage.
They're  the  only  guys  who organize
quality parties in Holland.

Where:  The pary was this time held in
Riel/Holland,  a  little  village near
Tilburg   in   the  southern  part  of

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Release Reviews

Review on Apocalypse


         "Apocalypse" by Gods

             Code: Metal
     Music: Firefox + Twins / PHA
      Graphics: Morris, Phosphor

Another  standard  demo showing us all
kind  of vectors, dots and lines.  The
gfx  are not bad, the music by Firefox
and  Twins is rather good.  It`s not a
bad  demo,  but  this kind of demo you
see every day.

              My rating:
             Code: 65/100
            Music: 75/100
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Review on Chit Chat 6

Messagebox: Chit Chat issue 6 
                 (August `92)
Producer: Mirage

First  impression:   This  time with a
new  very good design.  Again a normal
intro starts the mbox.

Design:   Facet  did a good job on the
new  design.   I  really  like it very
much.    But,  it  looks  a  bit  like
EuroChart.     Nothing    against   it

Coding:   They  improved it a lot.  It
looks   a  bit  like  EuroCharts,  the
handling  is  now better and the fonts
are   more  readable  than  in  for
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Review on Cracker Journal 28

Mag: Cracker Journal issue 28 (May`92)
Producer: Various

First  impression:   First respect for
28  issue,  it`s  the  oldest  mag  on
scene,  BUT  always  the  same  shitty
intro and CLI-coding.

Design:   Design?   I cannot call this
design, it`s just hurrible.

Coding:   Total  not up-to-date.  They
have  some different colors and bigger

Articles:   80  %  of the articles are
downloaded  from BBS, some interesting
interviews  and  infos  about  BB, the
rest is rubbish.

Overview:   C
... read more

Review on Digital Intoxication


    "Digital Intoxication" by Tech

            Code: MC 68000
       Music: Centrox, Coldcut
     graphics: Kale, Calart, Cash

The  first  real  demo by Tech hit the
scene.   Design,  code,  gfx and music
are a bit after a fashion (m8, more or
less), the introsequence is done well.
The  textpart  is  to  a  T  made like
Humantarget,  the  rest of the demo is
by  and large vectorstuff seen hundred
times    before.    But
... read more

Review on European Top 20 - issue 1

Chart: European Top 20 issue 1 
                    (July `92)
Producer: Equinox

First   Impression:    A   copy   from
OFFICIAL    EuroChart    without   own
innovations.    Positive  point:   The
intro-pic     looks     quite    nice.
Furthermore   it  seems  that  Equinox
cannot  divide  DEMOS  from MEGADEMOS,
cos  they mixed these charts up.  E.g.
Hardcore/Anarchy  in  same  charts  as
ODYSSEY/ALCATRAZ,  or  Ice/Silents  in
same charts as HOT DOTS/COMA.  You may
better correct this...

... read more

Review on Eurochart 15

Chart: Eurochart issue 15 (June `92)
Producer: Static Bytes

First  impression:   Yep,  we have got
the  Official  EC  back!  A picture by
Marvel/SBT opens the charts.

Design:   The design is similar to the
old EC, a sand-colored design, not bad
at all.

Coding:   Also  similar to the old EC,
gfx  in  text and different colors are

Articles: 21  Quite  less,  but  for the
first issue it`s ok.  They also sorted
the  news  for  groups  like  RAW  and
McDisk   do  it.   The  editorial  
... read more

Review on Grapevine 11

Mag: Grapevine issue 11 (August `92)
Producer: LSD

First  Impression:   I wonder how they
manage it to publish so many issues in
that short time, even on two disks.

Design:   No  intro, but some nice gfx
starts  the  mag.   The menu design is
quite normal, nothing special.

Coding:   They  handle  different font
sizes, colors and mouseoperating menu,
I think more or less standard today.

Articles:    They  have  got  bags  of
atricles,   but  not quantity  counts,
quality  counts.   And  the q
... read more

Review on I.C.E. 8

Mag: I.C.E. issue 8 (June `92)
Producer: Cytax (?)

First impression:  The mag starts this
time  not  with  an  intro, but with a
very  nice  picture by Ken/Cytax.  The
design  is  the  same  as ever and the
music (by RH-/CRB) is ripped from `3-D
Demo by Cryptoburners`.

Design:   The  design  didn`t  change.
Many  say  it`s  the  best design, but
this is not my opinion.

Coding:   The improved the code a bit.
Now  the menu is mouseoperated and you
can  turn on an autobuffer by pressing
F1  like
... read more

Review on RAW 03

Mag: R.A.W. issue 3 (June `92)
Pruducer: Pure Metal Coders

First impression:  The mag starts with
a   nice  intro  made  by  members  of
Offence.   The  mag  loads  and a cool
picture  by  Fairfax/Offence opens the
mag.       A      fab     music     by
LIZARDKING/ALCATRAZ   gives   you  the
right   feeling.    You`ve   also  the
possibility  to  listen  to  two other
modules by Axel/BRS and WOTW/Supplex.

Design:    It`s   a  cool  blue-styled
design   painted  by  Fairfax/Offence.
They  plan 
... read more

Review on Maggy 12

Mag: Maggy issue 12 (June `92)
Producer: Complex

First  impression:   This  is  the 12.
issue,  I  guess it`s quite hard to do
12  issues,  so  my  respect.   A cool
intro  starts the mag, nice coding and
good  picture  by Tomcat/Complex.  You
can   choose   between   2   different
modules in the mag.

Design:   They  made a new one, better
than in issue 11.  Above they placed a
nice `Maggy logo` by Tomcat.

Coding:    They  also  improved  their
code,   now   gfx   in   text   and  a
... read more

Review on Maximum Velocity


    "Maximum Velocity" by Silents

  Code: Coconut, Flame, Silver Eagle
            Music: Joloo5x
          Graphics: Cenobit

This  is  the first demo by the finish
section  of  TSL.  It presents us some
nice   routines,  cool  gfx  and  good
music.   Beside  Standard vector stuff
they   made   a  kind  of  `Hardwired`
scroller  which  scrolls up and a cute
endpart.  A good demo.

              My rating:
... read more

Review on Outer Limits 3

Mag: Outer Limits issue 3 (May `92)
Producer: Polaris

First  impression:  The mag opens with
a  normal intro, nothing special.  The
layout  is  a  bit like Zine.  You can
choose between 3 different sounds.

Design:   It`s a nice design looking a
bit like Zine.

Coding:   A  normal  coding,  you  can
choose  articles  with  return or with
the  menupage.   They  have  different
colors  in  the  text,  but  no Gfx or
larger fonts.

Articles:    They   offer   only  some
articles,  not  as many as 
... read more

Review on Suicid 1

Mag: Suicid issue 1 (July `92)
Producer: Energy and Grace

First  Impression:   A new diskmag.  A
diskmag  from  Austria.   I think it`s
the  first from Austria.  The intro is
too  oldfashioned,  code and music are
not up-to-date.

Design:    It`s  a  not  very  special
marble styled menu.  Not more to say.

Coding: 21  Very easy code, no different
fonts  or  colors available.  The menu
is very sensible, just touch the mouse
a bit  and  you reached the end of the
menu in one milisecond.

... read more

Review on Top Secret 11

Mag: Top Secret issue 11 (July `92)
Producer: Majic 12

First   impression:    This  time  Top
Secret  has got a new maineditor, Mud.
The  introducing  pic  instead  of  an
intro is painted by Elmer/Symbiosis.

Design:   They  kept their old design,
painted by Rack.  It looks quite nice,
but not so special.

Coding:     They    offer    different
fontsizes,   but   only  a  couple  of
different  colors.   I  really dislike
those fast flashing color, they should
smooth it more.

Articles:    I  d
... read more

Review on Burning Spear


  "Burning Spear" by The Dark Demon

          Code: Quater Horse
              Music: Doh
      Graphics: Crown, Flag, Cax

Another  standard  demo showing nearly
nothing  new.  Vectors, megagiga glanz
and  blank  and  so  on.   The gfx and
music  are  not  so  good, well, don`t
understand   me  wrong,  it`s  ok  but
nothing special.

             My rating: 
             Code: 52/100
            Music: 49/100
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Review on Deadlock 03

Mag: Deadlock issue 3 (August `92)
Producer: Dimension-X

First  impression:  Ah, it`s a new mag
who runs the streets.  I never saw the
first  and  second  issue of it, maybe
the  guys  are  not  able to spread it
well.  Furthermore it`s on track.

Design:   Well, the intropic isn`t dad
at all, the mag itself is rather nice.
A normal mag style.

Coding:   Featuring  a  mouseoperation
menu  is  good,  they  offer different
fontcolors.   Personally  I don`t like
scolling   texts  down,  so  they  
... read more

Review on Falling Up


        "Falling Up" by Analog

   Code: Revolution, Axis, Gandalf
  Music: Digital, Komeplipp, Zurglub
Graphics: Pedro, Axis, Stingray, Omen

This   demo   is   quite  normal.   No
stunning  gfx  or  music, some code is
rather  nice  like  the vector-balloon
or  the  effect  with the salt-cellar.
The  best  picture in this demo is the
one with the horses by Axis.  I wonder
why this demo made the second place on
Hurrilame  pa
... read more

Review on Delirium Preview


        "Dilirium" by Complex

            Code: Saviour
           Music: DeLorean
            Graphics: Jugi

This demo has really a nice design and
some nice routines.  After a cool logo
they  show  us  a  Zoom Lens.  I think
that`s  something  new.   This routine
follows a big vectorpart, but the demo
ends a bit fast.  It`s too short for a
trackmo.  The gfx and music are really
good,  some  more routines wouldn`t be
... read more

Review on Guardian Dragon 2


    "Guardian Dragon II" by Kefrens

       Code: Laxity and Vention
            Music: S.L.L.
           Graphics: R.W.O.

This  demo  has  really  got  a  great
design  and  the  music  by S.L.L.  is
very    good.    R.W.O.    made   some
fantastic  gfx for this demo, like the
smoking  monster  or the titlepicture.
This  demo  offers  a lot of cool code
with    perfect    design.    I   like
especially   the   effect   
... read more

Review on Menace


          "Menace" by Desire

           Code: Guy Frost
            Music: Fabian
        Graphics: Bip, Zorlac

Yep,  a new very good styled and timed
demo hit the scene.  Desire did really
a  good job, all effects and the music
are  perfect timed.  This is the first
`techno`   demo  that`s  really  worth
watching.    Beside,   it`s   only   a
filedemo.   The gfx are very nice, the
music  as  well.  The code is also ok,
but i
... read more

Review on Piece of Mind


 "Piece of Mind" by Nikki Corruptions

             Code: Zytax
             Music: Ferro
           Graphics: Arnie

It  seems  that  they  tryed to make a
little   ODYSSEY,   the   whole   demo
contains  only vector gfx.  They start
with  a starwars war, interrupted by a
little   commercial   gag   with   two
joysticks.   Some  running  vectormans
fill  up  the monitor in the next part
and even more vector.  I can`t 
... read more

Review on In The Kitchen


     "In The Kitchen" by Anarchy

            Code: Slammer
             Music: 4-Mat
           Graphics: Facet

Three  secret parts are hidden is this
demo.   You  can execute them with the
keybord.   A nice idea.  The music and
the  graphics  are very high standard,
the  picture  by  Facet  (kitchen)  is
really  stunning.   4-Mat`s  music  is
also  nice  with  lots  of variations.
The  code  is  not so special, but not
... read more

Review on Point Blank


      "Point Blank" by Andromeda

     Code: Double Trubble Dezign
        Music: Lord Interface
   Graphics: Double Trubble Dezign

They   really  worked  hard  with  the
design,  it`s very good and it fits in
this  demo.   The  gfx  are nice, too.
Some  logos  look  very  cool  and the
music  is  fairly good.  The coding is
not  that  costly,  mainly vectors and
dots.   The  D.O.S.   demo  was  in my
opinion more innova
... read more

Review on S.O.S.


 "S.O.S. Demo" by Melon Dezign/Crystal

           Code: Bananasoft
         Music: Audiomonster
            Graphics: Seen

Again   the   wellknown  Melon  Dezign
design.   Crazy  colors  and  display.
The  letter mix-up at the beginning is
funny.   The intro is like Humantarget
with  this scrolly and a Melon logo is
jumping  on a accordion vector similar
to  the  vectorjumping in Humantarget.
Also  great is the firs
... read more

Review on Sound and Vision


      "Sound Vision" by Reflect
       Code: Zeque, Overlander
           Music: Jellybeam
    Graphics: Red Baron, Nighthawk

Besides the normal effects showed this
demo  some new ones.  They made also a
nice  vectorworld  and  other very big
vectors.   The  gfx is also very good,
Read  Baron  is a talented graphician.
The  two different musics by Jellybeam
are   cute,   too.    The  endpart  is
seperated  like Hardwired.
... read more

Review on Xpose


        "Xpose" by Silents DK

       Code: Master and Bionic
          Music: Jesper Kyd
    Graphics: Master and John Doe

This demo seems to be a bad version of
the  famous  Hardwired.   The  new TSL
members show only middleclass routines
and  a  `like  Hardwired` design.  The
graphics  are  also  not the best, the
music  by  Jesper Kyd  sounds too much
like  the  one  he made for Hardwired.
The  demo  is  not  bad  at all,
... read more

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