please submit releases that we don't have

please select a file to upload

what we are looking for

  • Demo and Intro files or disks that you have and we not
  • Packdisks or Musicdisks and Diskmagazines
  • Music that is related to an Intro or Demo and that we do not have
  • Anything that is missing here
  • Your old and new Amiga demoscene productions
  • all Amiga only
  • if you would like to be credited for your submit, please provide a textfile with your handle or something inside, and name that file like the submit and add .txt

your logo on our pages

  • You can submit your own logo drawn for us
  • Our project is called Kestra Bitworld (you may use both or also one of these words) and its version is 2 (or II)
  • The codename for this version is Janeway, which may appear also in the logo (it's also ok to use only that word)
  • The width of our pages may change
  • Logo may be transparent or non-transparent
  • You can provide your own background pattern with the logo (extra file)
  • Visible width should be max 1070 pixels and height max 150 pixels
  • Smaller logos will be centered (above your background if supplied)
  • Sign your logo if you like and send it to the webmaster
  • You may provide a link with your logo.