• Gender: female
  • Known as active in 1992
  • Country: Finland
  • Known as member of Digital Artists Inc in 1992, Altair in 1992
  • Also with this name: Vampire (TRSI, Prodigy, Devil's Point/Devils Point, Spirit Power Crew) (DE), Vampire (Savage) (DE), Vampire (Black Monks, The Band, 4th Dimension (old)) (NO), Vampire (PseudoDOS, Zabox/Zwibacks, Zabox Test BBS) (DE), Vampire (Barna Byte Busters) (ES), Vampire (The Zirconium Team) (GB)

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Interviews with Vampire

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Alex - Arakys - Atomic Bubble Gum - ...
added 5/94

Interview Text

      w i t h

        o f
       D A I

             Arranged by
           Mop of ALCATRAZ

From this issue, there will be another
new  feature in McDisk!  Each time, we
will  try  our  best,  to  include  an
interview  with  an active scene girl.
Mind  you,  I wrote active scene girl,
and  not  just normal girls who maybe,
accidentally     own     an     Amiga.
Surprisingly,  Malta  is full of girls
who  own  an Amiga, but don't care too
much  about  it, or u
... read more