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Allister Brimble

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The Julie Dolphin

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Interview with Allister Brimble (Allister Morten Brimble)

         I N T E R V I E W   W I T H   A L L I S T E R   B R I M B L E

                        INTERVIEWED BY TUMMO/Dual Format

I'll  just  put  on sounds Digital for

Allister,  thank you for joining us on
the  show  (?),  could  you please say
hello to the camera (?):  NO!

Please  tell  us what it is you do and
how  things  have  progressed  for you
since  your first footings with 17 Bit
and Code Masters:

Basically,  I  put  the  music & sound
effects to computer games o
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Interview with Doug

   S H O R T   I N T E R V I E W   W I T H   D U G   O F   D U A L   4 M A T

                                   By MATT/DF

1) Handle:


2) Name:

   Jesus  Christ!  I've only been away
2  weeks!   It's  Doug, remember?  You
know, your brother!

3) Age:

   Age?   Not  only  do  you forget my
name,  but  you  also ignore me for 17
years!  (and 3/4).

4) Computer Spec:

   Amiga  wiv  stuff  attached  to  it
(3Meg A500, 40Meg GVP HD, External).

5) So Dug how's it going?

   Ok ma
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Interview with Qwerty

             I N T E R V I E W   W I T H   Q W E R T Y / S C O P E

                              BY WATTS/DUAL FORMAT

WATTS:   Would  you please tell us all
your handle, name, age, sex and group?

QWERTY:   Well  my handle is very easy
and  it's  QWerty.   My  real  name is
Adrian.   I'm 16 years old now and I'm
a swapper and I think that I'm also an
organizer but not very long.

WATTS:   So  m8 tell us all about your
scene history and when it began?

QWERTY:   I  started  1.5 years ago in
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Interview with Rob

                A N   I N T E R V I E W   W I T H   R O B / D F

                              BY WATTS/DUAL FORMAT

Hello  Rob.   Firstly, may I say a big
welcome  to  our cool crew!  I decided
to  interview  you a few weeks back so
here it is, short and sweet.

WATTS..Let's get the main stuff out of
the  way  first.   What  is your name,
handle, age and shoe size?

ROB....Okey dokey.  My real name's Rob
Sibley  and  my handle's er, Rob.  I'm
20  and three quarters (I would put an
alt-7  in  h
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Interview with Trotsky

          A N   I N T E R V I E W   W I T H   T R O T S K Y / I N D Y

                              By Eldar/Dual Format

Eldar:  WHAT is your name?  (real name
that is!)

Trotsky:   Ross  (Or  Sigmund  if  you
prefer, I'm easy!)

Eldar:  WHAT is your quest?

Trotsky:  Err!  To follow the star, no
matter how distant, no matter how far.

Eldar:  WHAT is your favourite colour?

Trotsky:  Translucent.

Eldar:  Quel age as tu?

Trotsky:  J'ai dix-sept ans.

Eldar:   What  is your job on da sc
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Party Reports

Report on South Sealand 94

              S O U T H   S E A L A N D   P A R T Y   R E P O R T 

                                FROM DAFFY/IRIS

This  is a party report from the South
Sealand  Party  in Vordingborg here in
Denmark (The Party Land)

After travelling 2 and a half hours by
train,  together with Guybrush/Iris we
finally  arrived  in  Vordingborg,  we
walked  approx  one  (it felt like 10)
kilometre,  then we arrived in Islinge
skolen, the party place.

After joining up with the other 3 (too
few)   Iris  membe
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Release Reviews

Review on Deadlock 09

                    D E A D L O C K  9  -  A  R E V I E W ! 

                               BY ATOM/DUAL 4MAT

After  reading  and throughly enjoying
DEADLOCK  8!   I was dead chuffed when
issue  9  poped through my
letterbox from my old mate R-9!

Well  what can I say DEADLOCK is still
as  fresh, innovative and as funny the
day  it  began!  As usual the standard
of   EVERYTHING  is  extremlly  high!!
right  down to the editing of articles
by  R-9  who  has done an A1 job!  (as
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