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Narcosis (Series Publishers)





Individuals and Guests


  • Michael (GB) (Anathema / Surprise! Productions / Delite)
  • Watts (GB) (Neo / Dual Format)


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Group Members of Narcosis Mentioned In This Prod

Brad, DeVoe, Jedi, Motive, Neotronic, Quest, R-9, Trotsky


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Interview with Blitter

                       A n   I n t e r v i e w   W i t h


by Jedi/Narcosis

                   JD: = Jedi/Narcosis, BL: = Blitter/X-Trade

 JD: Just to start us off, can you tell us a little bit about yourself?  (Real
     name, age, group, etc.)

 BL: Humpf, why do you start with the most difficult question, eh?  However, my
     real first name is, of coz, BliTTeR and my surname is X-TraDe...  What did
     you think?  In the scene I'm called  Tom and have been around in
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Interview with Quest

                                P r o f i l e :


 Name: Tim

 Handle: Quest

 Group: Narcosis

 Age: 21  [Although he was 18 when he started filling this in - R-9!]

 What do you do in your group?: Coder,  Modem  Trader, oh, and I always buy the

 Name your fave...
 Util    : Directory Opus
 Demo    : 9 Fingers
 Diskmag : Apart from Deadlock?  Gotta be Grapevine...{
 What do you enjoy most about the  scene?: Demo productions are easily the best
 area of the scene.

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Interview with Digit

                               P r o f i l e :


 Name: Matthew

 Handle: Digit

 Group: Dimension-X

 Age: 17

 Group Subject: L-Coder, Swapper, GFX, Sampler, Modem (occasionally), Ripper!

 Your favourite:

 Utility : Has to be D-Opus Brilliance,  Master  Devpac, ASM One, then Virus Z,
           Kwickcopy, CED,  Delitracker,  Exotic,  Pro  Wizard and last but not
           least Resource come running along soon after!{
 Demo    : Has to be Desert Dream, Dane, 9-Fingers a
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Interview with Eldar

                      A n   I n t e r v i e w   W i t h

Eldar/Dual 4mat

by Trotsky/Narcosis

T: So Eldar, who are you?

E: Eldar/Dual 4mat.

T: Damn!  Gave the game away in the question really.

E: Yep!  Next question...

T: What's your name, age,  starsign,  and  favourite character from the Jungle

E: Name's Malcolm, 17, Scorpio, that little elephant person.  You know!

T: Er, yep!  Moving swiftly on - what's your job in DF?

E: Male trader.  Oh and Female trader, not bein
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Interview with Sable

                       A n   I n t e r v i e w   W i t h


by Trotsky/Narcosis

 T: Hello Mr Sable, how are you?

 S: Well, not bad, except I've got this nagging pain in the back of my neck and
    my feet were killing this morning (I woke up and they had me by the neck, I
    had to hack 'em off to save my own  life).  Also, every time I turn my head
    sideways there's this horrible  clicking noise and I feel like I'm gonna be
    sick.  Sorry I just can't do  this  interview,
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Interview with Saboteur

                               P r o f i l e :


 Name: Pete

 Handle: Saboteur

 Group: Narcosis

 Age: 18

 What do you do in your group? : Mailtrade, Modem trade, and soon a sysop!

 Name your fave :

 Util    : Er, probably File Editor and Dir Opus.
 Demo    : Spaceballs Nine Fingers (it's kinda kewl!)
 Diskmag : Deadlock (honest!){
 What do you enjoy most about the scene?: Meeting new friends from all over the

 What do you enjoy least about  the  scene?:  All
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Interview with Trotsky

                        A n   I n t e r v i e w   W i t h


by Trotsky/Narcosis

 T: Hallo Trotsky!

 T: Hallo!

 T: Would you mind if I interview you for Deadlock 9?

 T: Well, I don't know this just  sounds  like a cheap way to get publicity and
    get better known in the scene.

 T: Oh, come on, you can trust me!

 T: Why?

 T: Because I'm you!

 T: But aren't I supposed to be interviewed by, like, a scene person?

 T: Well, nobody's asked you because hardly anyone
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Interview with Watts

                       A n   I n t e r v i e w   W i t h

Watts/Dual 4mat

by Mentor/Magic!

     Well here comes an interview  with  Dual  4mat's  top musician, mega scene
 star and all round nice guy Watts!!

                            M: = Mentor, W: = Watts

 M: Right, first can you tell me a little about yourself and what your position
    is on the scene?

 W: Ah, well, what can I say!  I'm Lee aka Watts/Dual 4mat (that's obvious).  I
    am one of six musicians  in  DF,  I  have
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Release Reviews

Review on Seduction

Music Disk Reviews

by Jedi/Narcosis

                    S E D U C T I O N   b y   C O M P L E X

 Code  : Gengis
 GFX   : Alex
         Hof (Title Pic)
 Music : Clawz
 Design: Alex

     The only other music  disk  I  have  seen  in  recent  times  is this one.
 Although it is produced by almost  the  same people as Extemporized, it failed
 to impress me quite as much.  The  tunes  all  seem to be very much background
 music, even  veging  on  to  (dare  I  say  it?)  sup
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Review on After Dark

Demo Reviews

by Jedi/Narcosis

                A F T E R D A R K   b y   C Y B E R D R E A M S

     Well, this is the first production I have seen by a newish UK group called
 Cyberdreams.  As most of  you  know,  the  UK  is  just  about  dead as far as
 productivness goes so I was looking forward to  seeing a UK demo for once.  My
 hopes were quickly killed when I  loaded  it.  To  put  it bluntly this is the
 digital equivilent of vomit.

     The blurb at the start by the coder (Sonic/
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Review on Go With The Flow

                G O   W I T H   T H E   F L O W   b y   D R O G

     When I first recieved this I got an  errored copy, now I found this out as
 it was loading because a kinda  familiar  requester  appeared, it was the AMOS
 PRO requester!  Har har!  A demo done in Amos?  Are they serious?  Well when I
 finally got a proper copy of it  I  was  quite surprised at what the coder had
 achieved with Amos.

     It starts up with a reasonable  techno-ish  tune, this is quickly followed
 by some okay
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Review on Love

Demo Reviews

by Jedi/Narcosis

               L O V E   -   T H E   D E M O   b y   F L T / V D

     This demo is yet  another  from  that  talented  coder  Dr Skull/FLT/VD so
 expectations were running very high when  this  was released, the question is,
 did it live up to peoples' expectations?

     Well, after a rather long time loading the demo starts up with an absolute
 stormer of a tune by Jogeir/FLT/VD.  Then  a  poem  of some kind is typed onto
 the screen in time with the beats 
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Review on Propaganda 4

                         D i s k m a g   R e v i e w :

Propaganda #4

by Jedi/Narcosis

     Yes, it's yet another  foreign  diskmag,  but  is it any good?  Well, YES!
 The mag is produced by  the  well  know  fun  lovin' Swedish group RAZOR 1911.
 Because they are Swedish I expected  a  cheesy  old RAW clone with some boring
 (and poorly written articles) and  possibly  a  bland  backing  track if I was
 lucky, so expecting the worst I loaded it up...

     Right, it comes on one disk and 
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Review on Extemporized

Music Disk Reviews

by Jedi/Narcosis

                 E X T E M P O R I Z E D   b y   D I G I T A L

 Code  : Gengis
 GFX   : Walt
 Music : Clawz
 Design: ???

     This one disk collection of tunes is without  a doubt one of the very BEST
 collection of Amiga based tunes I  have  ever heard!  The single disk contains
 the following six high quality tunes:
                    Extemporized            by Clawz
                    Sweltering Forest       by Cl
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Review on The Jungle 6

                         D i s k m a g  R e v i e w :

The Jungle #6 by X-Trade

by Cyborg/Narcosis

     First of all, The Jungle, previously produced by Damian, is now an X-Trade
 production.  The Jungle team of Damian (Blitter  and J-walker, - I think) left
 Damian because the group members were  lazy  and  the Jungle was not recieving
 any support from them.

     Anyway, Blitter is the main editor and there are several other co-editors.
 The graphics are by Friendly/Static Bytes and  th
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