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  • Alive (GB) (Scoopex / Digital / Nah-Kolor) (add.)
  • Made (FR) (Scoopex / Bomb) (title)



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Dave left Freezers.

.  ____     __ ___   _____         \    .98. 
__/ /__ _/ / /_ _\_ /__________\\_____.
\ / \ /_ \ _/ \\ _|
(\_______/_ __(____/___\______________\\_(__
*insomnia issue 2 - presented by lkr & trsi*
. ____ _____ ____ __ \|
_ ._______(_ _/_ _\_ /__ _/ _/__ _(_/_ 7
/___|_ \_ _/ \ \___ \ \!
-gdm__)____________/__\_____\ __/____\ ___/.


Interview with Dave

Interview with
Dave/ex. Freezers

__Czestochowa, Poland. A mild afternoon surrounds us like an early precursor of
the upcoming spring. Dave and I sit on a bench, we watch the children play
football in the park and hear their cries and laughter like a distant
background melody while sunbeams tickle our noses.
__Many of you have literally heard of him; after all the polish sound-wizard
composed the music in releases like "Wit Premium" or "Hazchemix", just
to name a few. Insomnia offers you an in
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Interview with Raven

We met RAVEN

Raven, let's start with some personal information...

"Hmmm... I'm fivehundredandeightyfour years old and come from BetaHydroxi, which is the fourth planet of a nice solar-system in the... Oops, that's not supposed for the ordinary human, so... I'm 50/2 years old and I normally come to life when I'm called Harald Wittmaack, better known by my friends as "Harry". In real life, I work as an industrial mechanic! Some of my pals call me a quite romantic dude, still on the hunt for t
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Interview with Rokdazone


___There are very few people left on the scene that you could truly label a "scene legend". One guy who undoubtedly deserves such a title is the chart topping journalist: RokDaZone of Artwork. He has been a constant factor of the disk-mag scene since the early days of Freedom Crack and has co-edited for highly regarded magazines like RAW, Abnomalia and Stolen Data...

___No matter what scene magazine you read today you are guaranteed to come across his na
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Interview with Sunny


___It is a bright, sunny day, and a certain someone is sitting beside me, sipping at her glass of coke, giving me a sunny smile, reminding me of the beauty of the
blue sky and the green fields surrounding our little holiday apartment on the countryside, where I welcome all my interview partners. As you might already have guessed, Sunny is the one, who has placed her cute buns on the Insomnia chair now. Believe me, I am impressed by her attractive appearance. Swe
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Party Invitations

Invitation to Belgian Scene Event 1998

Belgian Scene Event
-  1  9  9  8  -

__Are you sick of commercial parties, where money is more important than fun?
Tired of organizers having no relation to the scene at all? Fed up with
hundreds of PC users playing Quake all day long? Then the following
information might be of interest for you...-
__Last year Crisp & Franky (Both members of CBK back then. -Ed.) tried to
re-animate the Amiga scene in Belgium by organizing the first party since
years. They took a rather risky road and decided 
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Invitation to Mekka Symposium 1998

M/S 1998 announcement


(Written by the SYMPOSIUM staff)

Table of contents

01 Introduction
02 Location & Date
03 Features
04 Competitions
05 Food
06 Network
07 Bus Trips
08 General Rules
09 Time Table
0a The Organizers
0b More Information
0c Releases


In the last years, this demo scene event has grown to the best and biggest German party and its name can sometimes be heard together with "The Party", "The Gathering" or "Assembly" in the same 
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Invitation to The Gathering 1998

TG 1998 announcement

(Written by TG staff)

This is just a preliminary invitation. The official invitation is yet to come. In the meantime, visit The Gathering's homepages for constant updates at


The Gathering 1998 will take place in the Viking ship in Hamar, Norway (Just like last year. -Ed.) from Wednesday April 8th at 08.00 till Sunday April 12th at 16.00.


Entering the party-place will cost you
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Party Reports

Report on TRIP 98

I N S I G H T:
ze trip GFX competition

(T.R.i.P. - was organized by DeathStar an italian group. They
supposed to make it as "the first, real Italian Demo Party". It was held
in new structure of fair of S. Giorgio del Sannio (BN), in
the South of Italy in the province of Benevento, near Naples - from
2nd January 1998 till 4th.  - Ed.)

The Hungarian Unreal from Faculty and Nah-Kolor, who just released a slideshow, won this competition pretty easily, with the contribu
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Report on The Party 1997

TP 1997 - The event

___This report is all negative. But I am afraid it had to be this way, considering the way I personally feel, and many with me, about this event.
___The first thing I want to bring in all your readers heads is that this party in Denmark is NOT held for the first time, but for the 7th (SEVENTH) time. Remember that, when you read on...
___It all began with the fact that I read through the official TP7 homepage, that the party will again be in Aars. I thought about last year 
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Release Reviews

Review on Elektroboy Inside

Insight - "ELEKTROBOY"

__The demo reviewed here ranked third at TP, an adequate position when
drawing a comparison with the pile of other Amiga releases at this event.
It requires 8 Megabytes of Fast RAM to run and the obligatoric 030
processor - standard config nowadays.
__"Elektroboy" is a multiload demo which consists of several separated files.
You have to run a script called "runme.bat" from CLI or Workbench with the
"Execute"-command to start the demo.
__The code was done by
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Review on Killer

Insight - "KILLER"

__"Killer" was ranked second at The Party Seven. Seen from the technical point
of view it was not inferior to "My Kingdom" by Scoopex and Haujobb. The fact
that we deal only with the second winner must be associated with the
voters' preference for 3D-landscapes instead of nicely animated, but rather
two-dimensioned backgrounds. 3D objects weren't missing nevertheless.
Like "My Kingdom" and "Elektroboy", "Killer" is a multiload demo consisting of
different files
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Review on My Kingdom

Insight - "MY KINGDOM"

__The winning demo from The Party 7 in Denmark, held at the bitter end of December1997 finally made it onto my hard-disk almost exactly one month after the end of the competition. The reason for the delay, you say? Unknown... There was much talk about it on the IRC during the first weeks after The Party, mainly requests as to its whereabouts...
__The version of "My Kingdom" which I have is listed in the file_id as being The Party 7 competition version, so qu
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