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Interview with Antibyte

Scoopex on FocusRokDaZone                               Scoopex on Focus
                                 by RokDaZone

No  doubt, Scoopex the often said to be dead legendary group found in 1997 one
of  it's  strongest  years  in its long history.  Reason enough to meet one of
their  organisers  for an exclusive lineup.  We met Antibyte, who recently set
new standards for 40k intros with his The Party'97 winning 'Superautodrome'.

Roman Rath - his real name - is a 24 year old student who joined
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Party Reports

Report on Rush Hours 2 - 1998

	Rush Hour'98	RokDaZone&Maq	        Rush Hour'98 - Report
      by RokDaZone & Maq/Endzeit

Polish  parties.  We all know they are
factually  happening almost all of the
time throughout the entire year, but -
damned  -  why don't we ever hear from
them?   Luckily we can lift the (iron)
curtain  a little at least in the case
of  Rush  Hours'98.   Best  regards to
Maq/Endzeit for the information.

The  Rush  Hour'98 took place from the
25th    to    26th   April   1998   in
Czestochowa/Poland,  a
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Report on Mekka Symposium 1998

	MS 98	RokDaZone	       MS'98 - I've Been There!
         by RokDaZone/Endzeit

Some  things  are bigger than life and
you recognise them if they are able to
bring  back  motivation  to people who
seemed   to  be  lost  for  the  Scene
Mekka  &  Symposium 1998 seems to have
been  one  of those things as not less
than   four   Sceners  decided  for  a
comeback, underneath them Brainwasher,
coder of Rage!.

Some  things  then again don't seem to
make   sense   when   looked  at  them
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Report on Scene Meeting 1998

	Scene Meeting	Dr.Dreyer	      Destination: Scene Meeting
              By Dreyer

The 20th to 22th February once again a
little  party  called  Scene  Meeting,
arranged by Iris, was held.  The event
was  located  at  Denmark's nose, in a
town called GrenĂ¥.  It took place in a
school, or rather in a gym at a school
that  Iris  had  borrowed.   It  was a
small  party  with about 43 attenders,
97 to 100% Danes, which secured a good
party atmosphere with no PeeCee lamers
downloading  GIFs  all  t
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Report on Spoletium 1 (1998)

	Spoletium Results	Modem/Darkage	                          Spoletium'98 Full Results
                          provided by Modem/Darkage

There  were  about  200  visitors  in  this 26 hours of pure Amiga Experience.
Thanks to all the people at partyplace, and to all who supported this party by
email.  See you at Spoletium II, maybe this very same year!

                            4kb Intro Competition

   01..4 Kazz/Genesis............................................54 points
   02..What We
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Report on The Gathering 1998

	TG'98 results	 	       Unofficial TG'98 results

Taken  from the votingsystem after the
            price ceremony

You  will  have noticed no music compo
results.   Those  were  on  my  voting
results   sheets  but  only  in  entry
numbers  and  not  in  names/nicks and
titles.    I  appologize  to  all  the
norwegian  ppl  for  not writing their
titles/names/nicks  correctly  but  my
keyboard doesn't have those keys.

Remember these are only the unofficial
results  taken  from  the votingsys
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Report on Volcanic Party IV

	Volcanic Report	Remdy	       Volcanic 3 party report
               by Remdy

For   the   fourth  consecutive  year,
Mentasm  organised a coding party near
Clermont  Ferrant (in the middle South
of  France).   It was the fourth time,
since  the  first party they organised
was   called  Titanic  instead.   Year
after  year  this  party improved, and
around 250 persons came this year.  It
was  at  the  same place than the last
year,  a  Gymmnasium,  but  the  party
lasted longer:
From  the frida
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