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  • Muffler (FI) (Nah-Kolor)
  • Radix (SE) (Balance / Limited Edition)



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Guru's Dream BBS:
ROM7.LHA     P1055235  07-07-96    ______     ____     ___.____.
                                 ._\____ \_._/  . \_._/ _ ' _  |
                                 |    _/ __l_   |   l\_  \_/   l_
                                 l    :     /__ '    /\___|     /
                                 |____|____/(_)_____/(_)  l____/
                                  R.O.M Issue 7 - the scene BOOK
ROM7A.LHA    P 621080  07-09-96    ______     ____     ___.____.
                                 ._\____ \_._/  . \_._/ _ ' _  |
                                 |    _/ __l_   |   l\_  \_/   l_
                                 l    :     /__ '    /\___|     /
                                 |____|____/(_)_____/(_)  l____/
                                  R.O.M Issue 7 - the scene BOOK
ROM7B.LHA    P 435640  07-11-96  R.O.M Issue 7 by Essence!            [02/02]


Interview with Danny

When a scener mentions the words "Holland" and "Graphician" in the same sentence, the name Facet surely comes to mind... but that was more than a year ago now, since, in these last months, Facet had to make some place to a new hitting Dutch star; DANNY!

Danny does not have a scene history that spans 10 years back. At 22 years of age, he is more like a personage from the modern scene age. 
"My first real encounter with the Amiga scene had to be when I released my slideshow Forgotten, back in th
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Interview with Muffler

In The Shadow Of Heatbeat 
By Magic of Nah Kolor

For two long years, KONSTA MIKKONEN (14) has been constantly composing Protracker music... but how long was it going to take him to get recognised by the critical mass? No one seemed to have the right answer for him.

But if we come to it, who is this... Mikkonen? That name is not new at all... wasn't a certain Mikkonen, active in the scene, years ago, under the alias of Heatbeat?

Well, wonder no more, our Mikkonen calls himself Muffler, and is
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Party Invitations

Invitation to Assembly 1996

Assembly 1996
and the Finish Summer Love 
By mOP with help from Magic

Few scene events come near to the total approval of the scene mass. Sceners like to criticise negatively, whenever something goes wrong.

A few crucial things went wrong with The Assembly 1995. Sceners said that it had become a commercial trade fair, they criticised heavily and some even swore that they would never return to another Assembly.

With such a dreaded scenario, the inevitable had to happen, and in the beginning of
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Invitation to Euskal Encounter 4 (1996)

Euskal Party IV 
Spain is the vacation dream of most youths; hot and cloudless weather, joyful fiestas and clean but crowded beaches make the perfect scenario for a 15 day vacation, away from 

the daily stress and boring normalities of school life.

This same Spain will soon be the host of an interesting scene event, that will go into it's fourth withholding by the end of next July.

A History

The Euskal party does not enjoy the fame of the bigger scene events like Assembly, The Gathering or T
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Party Reports

Report on Polish Summer Party 1996

Polish Summer Party 1996

A glimpse

In an attempt to rival the forthcoming Intel Outside event, Flying Cows Inc, the funny Polish group of much talent and innovation, wanted to try their hand at organising, what was expected as a good introductory scene party for the summer season. As it is usual with most Polish events of a smaller calibre, the PSP was not advertised outside the Pole-borders, so the expectance of foreign visitors was literally non existent.

The two day party (22 to 23 June) 
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Report on Remedy 1996

REMEDY Generalities

The 1996 edition of the Remedy party was held in Stockholm, in the area of SOLNA. 400 visitors, showed up, mostly sceners from the Stockholm area, apart from the TBL gang - that is a few dozen attenders more than Icing. Still both parties seem to be in the same league when it comes to pure attendance. Organiser Skutt comments; 
"Unfortunately there doesn't seem to be much sceners left in Sweden apart from TBL"

An adequate party area and a BIG sleeping hall made a good imp
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Report on Saturne Party 3 1996

The most awaited French scene event since a few years now, having already been cancelled for two times, was finally withheld on the last week of April. The Saturne Party 1996, entitled after the frenetic cancelling that grabbed the attention of the whole European scene in the past times, is the third part in a series of well-noted events, in the land of nuclear bombings.


Saturne have already organized 2 successful Amiga-only parties in Chelles. The first edition gathe
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Report on Icing 1996

Icing Generalities

Icing 96 was located in Lerum, a tiny town situated 25 kms away from Gothenburg, Sweden. The big crowd that turned up on the official opening day formed long queues, making it quite tiresome to get into the party place. The delay with the delivery of black & green identification bands didn't help at all and caused a further slow-down. In total, 350 visitors did show up. The ratio between Amiga and PC users was about 60:40 respectively; mostly sceners came from the western pa
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Report on The Gathering 1996

Gathering 1996 - The Contests 

Looking back at the past years, we would surely not have any big difficulties to set the Norwegian Gathering as one of the few scene events, able to attract foreign visitors and to guarantee a necessary dose of international character to the various competitions. In a time where most parties are potentially looking just like good local scene meetings, here, in the Viking lands, one still feels the rare opportunity of breathing some drops of an atmosphere, not excl
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