• Known as active in 1998
  • Country: Germany
  • Known as member of Hoodlum in 1998
  • Also with this name: Tom (Spreadpoint, Amiga Industries) (DE), Tom (Complex, Advance) (FI), Tom (Fairlight), Tom (Savage) (AT), Tom (Paradox, Combat 18), Tom (Pussy) (FR), Tom (Vixen), Tom (Abyss, Exxon) (AT), Tom (D-Tect, The Mysterious Team) (CH), Tom (Genetic) (SE), Tom (Dual Crew), Tom (Aurora) (SE), Tom (Paradise), Tom (Coma), Tom (Paragon, Arctic Force) (NO), Tom (Cryptoburners, Amonia) (NO), Tom (Voice), Tom (Trilogy), Tom (Ringard Production) (FR), Tom (Tomsoft) (FR), Tom (Possessed, Prime Evil, Bros) (DE), Tom (Darkness) (FR), Tom (Submission), Tom (The Wizards Inc), Tom (Manitou) (AT), Tom (Slipstream, Goldfire) (GB), Tom (Timelords), Tom (Styx) (TR), Tom (Goblins) (ES), Tom (Reality (PL), Nexus(PL)) (PL), Tom (TRSI, Union, Suspect, Beton Dezign, Katharsis, Tpdl) (PL), Tom (Nasasoft), Tom (Drix), Tom (Wanton), Tom (Trade), Tom (The New Age, Power) (US), Tom (Savory) (DE), Tom (Atf), Tom (NL), Tom (D.T.A. Software Studio) (SK), Tom (Division) (CZ), Tom (DE), Tom (AmigaWave) (ES), Tom (Innovation)

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Interview Text

Handle:     Tom
Group(s):   Hoodlum, Jormas, Serious Boys, Digital Mafia

Age:        73 [Uhh... Sure? - The Retro Staff]
Occupation: Phreaker, leader, vocalist, musician

After emailing the interview to a lot of sceners, we got a lot of different
answers. Some were serious and friendly, others were stupid, full of errors,
arrogant, and just plain idiotic. One of these interviews originated from 
Tom of Hoodlum^Jormas^Serious Boys^Digital Mafia. But, since Tom proved
incapable of writing down se
... read more