Swapper, Modem Trader

  • Known as active in 1989-1991
  • Country: Austria
  • Known as member of Abyss in 1991, Exxon in 1989-1990
  • Also with this name: Tom (Spreadpoint, Amiga Industries) (DE), Tom (Complex, Advance) (FI), Tom (Fairlight), Tom (Savage) (AT), Tom (Paradox, Combat 18), Tom (Pussy) (FR), Tom (Vixen), Tom (D-Tect, The Mysterious Team) (CH), Tom (Genetic) (SE), Tom (Dual Crew), Tom (Aurora) (SE), Tom (Paradise), Tom (Coma), Tom (Paragon, Arctic Force) (NO), Tom (Cryptoburners, Amonia) (NO), Tom (Voice), Tom (Trilogy), Tom (Ringard Production) (FR), Tom (Tomsoft) (FR), Tom (Possessed, Prime Evil, Bros) (DE), Tom (Darkness) (FR), Tom (Submission), Tom (The Wizards Inc), Tom (Manitou) (AT), Tom (Hoodlum) (DE), Tom (Slipstream, Goldfire) (GB), Tom (Timelords), Tom (Styx) (TR), Tom (Goblins) (ES), Tom (Reality (PL), Nexus(PL)) (PL), Tom (TRSI, Union, Suspect, Beton Dezign, Katharsis, Tpdl) (PL), Tom (Nasasoft), Tom (Drix), Tom (Wanton), Tom (Trade), Tom (The New Age, Power) (US), Tom (Savory) (DE), Tom (Atf), Tom (NL), Tom (D.T.A. Software Studio) (SK), Tom (Division) (CZ), Tom (DE), Tom (AmigaWave) (ES)

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Releases that mention this Person as a Member

As Member of AbyssCategoryAuthorYear
downloadParty IntroIntro
Hawkeye - Murdock - Sir
added 3/97
downloadTechnical DisasterDemo
Europe - Olymp-1 - Sir
added 12/97
As Member of ExxonCategoryAuthorYear
downloadNew StuffIntro
Exxon & Immortal
Dezecrator - Red Bull
added 10/11
downloadAnother Hot ImportImport Intro
Exxon & Immortal
added 2/18