Party Review for Grendel Party -2- 1990

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             COPY-PARTY           ¹ 
The party was hold in Iisalmi/Finland, started at the 10th to the 13th of August. 
It could have been the best party ever arranged in Finland but the organisation was very bad. On Sunday it started to be booring and a lot of freaks went home in the afternoon, but the party was supposed to end on ²monday at 13:00!¹ 
During the Demo-Competition, some lamers have stolen diskdrives: 4 drives from Image, 1 from Accesson, etc... I t must have been some lamers because 98% of the visitors looked at the demos were shown. 
Only a few good productions were released. Okay, go on now to the democompetition: 
The result of it is quite funny because it looks like a joke(!): 
1. Complex (This demo was released one or two years ago.) 
2. Accession 
3. Vertiga 
4. Bloodsuckers 
5. Cave 
Yes, the Complex demo was released once upon a time, about one or two years ago!! But they got anyway the A500 for the first price, Accession and Vertigo got some money. The judges for this competition were Scoopex, Byterapers, Bloodsuckers, Complex, Accession. 
5 demos were not ready because the deadline was too early and the demos at the competition were not shown enough long time. 
At the end one can say that the highlight of the party (the competition) was as bad as the organisation without any action. 
Typed by Chester/BRS with information by Apache/Image and Hyde.