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Zine #6 magazine was first pread on the BBS's on 25th of august.


Interview with Alan

¹Alan of IMPACT INC. was interviewed by Chester of BRAINSTORM. 
³-Tell us the story of IMPACT. 
¹IMPACT INC. started on the C64 in july 85 approx. I dont remenber who found the name IMPACT, at first we had 4 members, after some cracks we kicked one (he was a lazy man). 
We cracked lot of games and also problems came,  the parents, because we spend too much time with the computer, the phone note was also not small. The parents didn't like all those movements! They didn't understand what we m
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Interview with Apache

³-When was IMAGE born? 
¹Image was born in the end of june 1990... so it's still fresh and shiny! 
³-Who were the founders of IMAGE? 
¹Well, Image was founded by the best members from Exodus and Unique... and Hyde of Complex was also one of the main organizers. 
I can't name any members because it was a whole bunch of guys organizing and planing it... more or less... 
³-Now, tell us the whole story about your group. 
¹We, guys in Exodus thought about founding a new group because we we'
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Interview with Shadow

¹Perhaps you can remember the interview with Crionics in the last ZINE-issue. Crionics just died, but members formed a new group, called ASSIX. We asked them why this had to happen... 
Shadow of ASSIX was interviewed by Chester of Brainstorm. 
³-What has happened to Crionics, why did they die? 
¹There were big problems with this name, I don't like to speak about this. (It was because some members of us made trouble) 
³-Are there any new members in ASSIX now? List us the actual members wi
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Interview with Conan

¹Conan of CELTIC was interviewed by Chester of BRAINSTORM. 
³-At first some 'normal' questions. When was CELTIC born? 
¹CELTIC was born in Summer 1989 by members of Megapower, Noise, Orion and Scotland Yard. 
³-Please introduce yourself and tell us the history about your group. 
¹I am the Headquarter, Organizer, Spreader and Modem Trader (only 2400). A year ago, I started a little bit coding. But I don't have the time for doing more because there are also other important things in life.
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Interview with Direct

-"DIRECT" is a very good name for a group. When was DIRECT founded? 
¹In october 1989, but at that time we were only 5 members, now we are 8 members in Denmark and 1 in Norway. 
³-Give us a sommair memberslist. 
¹     Defeat   -    Gfx 
     Droid    -    Music 
     Exoz     -    Swapper,Gfx 
     John     -    Swapper 
     Mask     -    Coder 
     Kincaid  -    Swapper 
     Proton   -    Gfx 
     Umpire   -    Swapper 
     Zenix    -    Coder 
³-Do you think foreign members are im
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Interview with Icy

¹Here we are at the TSL/RSI COnference... The atmosphere is very noisy... but nice music from CINEFEX DESIGN and Slayer/Scoopex has got a Mental HANGOVER. And not only a mental one, in fact he is DEAD-DRUNK... But here comes ICY/Cinefex Design. So let's make an interview. 
Cinefex design was interviewed by ARRAKIS/Brain Wave. 
³-Cinefex Design is a quite recent group... Can you remind how it was build up? 
¹ICY: Yes, we went to the CRB/IT/Visual Arts-Party and as you may know it was stopped
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Interview with Jackmix

CRB interview has been made possible by Majestic of Brainstorm. 
-³Introduce yourself. 
¹My name is Jackmix and I'm a member of Cryptoburners. 
-³Introduce CRB to us, with some historical information about it. 
¹Well, Cytoburners was formed in the beginning of 1989 by Heatseeker and Windwalker. And CRB consisted soon of 8 members. Some members was kicked out after the Arendal party. And in August 1989 the Ghostriders joined the CRB team. Now we had 15 members. One quit, and sold his amiga.
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Interview with Lix

This interview was done with LIX of FRAXION. 
³-How old are you? 
¹I am 16 years old. But I will be 17 at the date of 25 of September. Gifts and congratulations are more than welcome, try to contact me at this address is: 
MARTIN LIE(Lix of FRX), Odd S0rlisvei 27, 7058 Jakobsli, Norway. But please no heavy things. My old postman, who is nearly 60 years, have not so good health. Hope you all understand my BIG problem!!! 
³-How old is Fraxion? 
¹The Flash Team(the old name of Fraxion)was fou
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Interview with Mr. Maniac

¹We were walking about seeking for some beers when we met the guys of Triumph... Yep, a quite new group... So it was really worth interviewing them! Another worldwide exclusivity for Zine! The questions were asked by Arrakis of Brain Wave and answered by Mr.Maniac. 
-³Hi! I think you group is only a few months old? 
¹Yes, Triumph was founded about X-mas times last year by the former members of The Band Norway and The Mafia. 
-³Give us a little memberlist! 
¹Aaaaargh, that was a difficul
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Interview with Ralph (aka Ralph 124c41+)

Hi, guys from PowerDrive! It is now 4.03 am and we're at the Silents-Red Sector Party. Vision Factory and Fairlight are boozing around and we're gonna ask some questions to Ralph 124C41+ of PD. 
³-When was PowerDrive founded? 
¹PowerDrive was founded in December 1988 when the members of Castor Cracking Group (on the Spectrum and C64) all had got themselves Amigas. Our first release was a three parted demo called "Computers in control". 
³-What's your age and position in PowerDrive? 
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Interview with Rocket

Rocket of Hypnosis was interviewed by Arrakis of Brain Wave. 
-³Please introduce yourself. 
¹This is Rocket of Hypnosis, Swapper, 18 years old. 
³-When did Hypnosis start in the scene? 
¹It all started on the C64! I coded some demos and even cracked some games in unknown groups like: Darkzone and Score. In december 1988 I bought my AMIGA and started to swap in a group called TSF. I left TSF in summer 1989 to build a new group with a friend. Result: Bonecrunchers. In december my friend an
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Interview with The Pride

The Pride of FLASH PRODUCTION was interviewed by Chester of BRAINSTORM. 
³-First, I want to know your age and when you have started computing? 
¹I'm 19 years old and I started computing in 1986, when I bought my C64. 
³-Why did you buy a computer? 
¹Because one of my friends had an Atari Console machine and I liked 
to play games, so I bought my C64. 
³-I think FLASH was also on the C64. First, give us a short history about the group! 
¹Flash Production was founded in late 1985. We h
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Interview with Tom (Thomas Landspurg) (aka Tomsoft)

In June 90 there was a competition by the French magazine 'Generation 4' and one could win a Archimedes and a MutiSync Monitor. Some weeks later there was also a copy-party called 'Red Sector and Silents Summer Conference 1990'. So, Thomas Landspurg (Tom Soft) worked at this time on a demo with the name 'A Trip To Mars' and decided to finnish it at first for the Gen 4 competition. Well, what has happened? the following text to get more information about Tom, he was interviewed by Chester
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Interview with Zyr

The interview was hold by Chester/Brainstorm with ZYR/Setrox in front of the Dial-Computer-Club in Basle/Switzerland. 
-³Why did Setrox die? 
¹The motivation has gone, because we couln't get better, in fact we trained about 90% of all games together with Alcatraz. We also hadn't got an original-spplier.. There was also a question of money, like the phonebill. And of course the struggle between Cortez and Pioneer, and Cortez was the one who have done most of the work. 
³-And now, why is Setr
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Party Reports

Report on Prime Party 1990

²            PRIME '90            ¹ 
This is New Deal of ACES writing. I want to thank everybody who came to the great copy party of ACES-VISION-ACTIVE... the PRIME ´90. Without all you guys visiting it, it wouldn´t be one of the best partys ever! 
Well, one day before the party started I (New Deal), Draco, Bodo and Toto started the trip from Germany to Holland. During the trip we had lot of fun. But everybody wanted t
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Report on Amiga Conference 90 RSI & TSL

¹The prestigious organizer's names of this conference promised the perspective of a great party. It was held in Glostrup (Denmark) in a big hall with a gymnasium to sleep in. Also there was a swimming-pool and as the weather was quite hot (the second day!). It was nice to enjoy the water! 
The conference started at 15:00 the 29 of june 1990. Many people arrived. We could expect more but bette
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Report on Bloodparty 1990

The Bloodparty 
Well, there's not too much to tell about it, but I'll try... 
There were only about 40-50 people, groups like Scooooooooooopex, BAD News (Sweden !), Securitate, Disknet, Chrome (WON the demo-compo!), Accession, Silents, and some others and of course BLOODSUCKERS. 
The demos in the compo were Chrome, Vyvyan T.U.M.B, Stack, and DiskNet. The only intro from the party was from Securitate... I was D-R-U-N-K on sat and sun... But I am now (Monday) writing this in a hang
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Report on Energy & Chaos Party 90

On the 23.06.90, in a hotel in Weiz, Austria, the ENERGY & CHAOS Party took place. It was a party for C64 and AMIGA. (Chaos on C64, Energy on Amiga). Many well known groups arrived there like: 
(Amiga) Subway, Scoopex, Immortal, Savage, Supplex, Acl, Cybernetic Crew, Lazer, Tat, Infinity, SOC Brigade, Trillion,... Okay, lets go on. On the C64 well known groups arrived, too: 
Crazy & Lotus(!), Lazer, Fresh, Cosmos, BTC, Cosmos Designs, Micro Boys, Tat, The Force, FBI Crew,... 
It was one of the b
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Report on Grendel Party -2- 1990

             COPY-PARTY           ¹ 
The party was hold in Iisalmi/Finland, started at the 10th to the 13th of August. 
It could have been the best party ever arranged in Finland but the organisation was very bad. On Sunday it started to be booring and a lot of freaks went home in the afternoon, but the party was supposed to end on ²monday at 13:00!¹ 
During the Demo-Competition, some lamers have stolen diskdrives: 4 dr
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