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  ³¼Interview with Game Over/Tech Design¼

³Q:² Could you present yourself ?

³A:¹   My  pseudonym  is GAME OVER and I'm a coder of the relative new group TECH
(full  name  TECH DESIGN).  I'm 21 years old and I'm working at a food shop.  I
don't  drive  a  car, because I haven't a driving license, but CENTROX drives a
very  funny  one  :   a  '74  ferrari-red  bug  (or beetle ...  ich meine einen

My amiga story isn't very long ...
I  bought my amiga in 1988.  After my big-playing phase, I decide to start with
coding  (in  the beginning of 1990).  I must learn everything by myself,  cause
here  in  Munster  and  neighborhood  I  didn't find any coder.  At this time I
joined  a  group named OMEGA CORPS, a very very lame group !!!  One day CENTROX
(another  Omega  member)  and I decided to found a new group --- TECH was born.
At  the  2.2.1991  TECH  was official in business (with a little intro).  Later
some  other  cool  guys  joinded  us  (in this order) :  KALE (GFX) ...  TARGON
this  time  we planed a coop-megademo with the group SAVAGE.  It was a very big
failure,  because  two savage-members (VICTIM and SODOM) didn't get finished in
time  (we  gave them about 2 month for finishing ONE little part ...  I think a
very  long  period  of  lazyness  and  waiting  !!!).   Later they released our
unfinished  parts.  We found them on some demopacks.  (the full of bugs version
of  the  vectorpart,  the  speech-intro-part (only a text with some digitalized
speech),the  unlimited  bob  part  and  the  amplitude- displayer part ...  Why
didn't  you release the loader of this megademo ???  Some time later we release
our  first  sounddisk  named  "THE SOUNDS OF TECH".  In the last weeks some new
members joined TECH :  BABA (SOUND) ...  LX (CODER) ...  ELWOOD (GFX) ...  HIFI
(GFX) ...  NOX (GFX) ...  JACK THE RIPPER (SWAPPER).  You see ...  we need more
coders  to use all graphics and sounds !!!  Two guys left TECH :  LIGHTNING and
GHANDI.   In  the last week we released the single-file demo "BIG JOINING".  At
the  AMI-EXPO  in  cologne  we want to release another cool demo named "BIZZARE
³Q:² The best groups of your country and their work?

³A:¹   I think the best groups in Germany are :  TSB ...  REBELS GERMANY ...  and
perhabs TECH DESIGN.  I hope, that MAX II by TSB will be a very big success.

³Q:² Have you other computers, consoles ?

³A:¹   I  haven't  any other computer ...  but what's about my computer history :
In  the  year 1984 (big brother's year) i got a very cool christmas present, my
first  computer  (a  pocket computer by sharp).  Some month later I bought me a
ZX-SPECTRUM  48kbytes  version.   I  started  to program in basic (I loved that
specci  typing  feeling  and  the  very good basic).  Two years later my specci
exploded  and I decided me for a COMMODORE 64.  After a short period of playing
nice games I selled my little commodore and bought me the AMIGA 500.

³Q:² Please tell us your personal 5 charts!

³A:¹ My personal charts of the best 5 ...
cracker/swapper/trainermaker/packmaker  :   I  don't like to make a chart about
this  guys  ...   there are to many (and the most aren't bad !) - so no chart!

"real" demomaking groups : 1.PHENOMENA - 2.SILENTS - 3.REBELS - 4.CRUSADERS

³Q:² What do you think about the actual world scene ?

³A:¹   What  world scene?  The most new productions comes from Sweden or Finland!
I think, they have the best scene worldwide !!

³Q:² Do you think that there is too much mag?

³A:¹   Yes ...  I think there are too many mags (why must every group make an own
one ???).  The best and the only i read are (my top 4) :  1.ZINE ...  2.HACKMAG

³Q:² Have you ever write articles for a disk mag ? If not why ?

³A:¹ I've never written any articles for any mags.  Why ???  I don't know .....

³Q:² Send me the date of this interview and some actualities.

³A:¹   Today  is the 8.10.1991 - 11.43 pm ...  it's very dark and I can't see any
actualities  that  could  interest  or  shock  me ...  perhabs one :  TECH will
release a new demo called "BIZARRE DREAMS" at ami-expo !!!