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Interview with Circulator

 Date 91-11-05   ³Victim¹ : ²Circulator / Silents³ Aggressor¹ : ²TFG / Majic 12¹

³ Your name,group and function ?
   - 'ebba ! Ich bin Circulator and I'm besides mail- and  modemtrading  also
   doing a little organising. I am a male (no shit !) and I  guess I have the
   same interests as  most  other 16  years old  dudes : partying, computing,
   girlfriends, taekwondo and so on.

³ How long time have you had your Amiga ?
   - I have had  my Amiga since the  begining of 1988, b
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Interview with Coconuts

³Interview with Coconuts/Iris²

³Q:² Could you present your self?

³A:¹   I'm  Coconuts  of  Iris.   I'm  coder and swapper.  I'm 19 years old.  I'm
studying  electronix.   My  car  is  an  Austin Mini.  My hobbies are pingpong,
girls, drinks and of course Amiga.

³Q:² Please tell us your amiga story and something about your group.

³A:¹   Firstly,  I was in U.S.A., a lame french group, as coder.  There were some
cool  guys (Tony/DRB, The Thing/Starline I
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Interview with Krueger

³Interview with Krueger/Kefrens²

Made by Avantage/Majic 12 + Shadow/LSD

³Q:² Please introduce yourself!

³A:¹   My real name is Carsten Larsen and
I'm  18 years old, i also got a driving
license.   At  the moment I am going to
school,  and I have to do that for more
than 2 years.  Shit!

³Q:²   Why did you form a group under the
name Kefrens?

³A:¹   Because  we  in Kefrens thought it
was   a  good  name,  so  therefore  we
decided to reborn Kefrens.
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Interview with Mc68000

  ³¼Interview with Game Over/Tech Design¼

³Q:² Could you present yourself ?

³A:¹   My  pseudonym  is GAME OVER and I'm a coder of the relative new group TECH
(full  name  TECH DESIGN).  I'm 21 years old and I'm working at a food shop.  I
don't  drive  a  car, because I haven't a driving license, but CENTROX drives a
very  funny  one  :   a  '74  ferrari-red  bug  (or beetle ...  ich meine einen

My amiga story isn't very long ...
I  bought my amiga in 1988.  After my big-pl
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Interview with Meta

³Interview of Metalika/Bass by Shadow/Lsd²

³Q:² Hello Meta! Could you introduce yourself?

³A:¹   Yes, my job in Bass is being a cool swapper, gfx artist, designer.
I love Techno, Techno and Techno.  I love girls and sex too!!
³Q:² Hey send some information about the Bass's story!

³A:¹   Ok  Shadow, Bass was created in august 90, with me and Bass Mc and 3 other
guys!   But  we  (Bass  Mc and me) that the 3 others do nothing for Bass, so w
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Interview with Mr. Bluesky


You  surely  have  heard  talkin'  of  The  DRIFTERS.  They are one of the less
productive team in France but surely not because of their lack of will...  They
have  one of the most intresting  coder in the french scene.  I don't introduce
him here because we're in the same team, but because I think that you should be
intrested  to know him as we (the DRIFTERS) know him.  Discover him now...  You
won't be sorry !!!
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Interview with The Pride

          ³¼Interview with Pride/Brainstorm¼

³Q:² Could you present yourself ?

³A:¹  My name is The Pride and I'm a member of Brainstorm.  I'm 20 years old.  My
hobbies  are  parties,  music,  girls  and  ofcourse computers.  I have been in
different groups.  In the begining I founded a little group called TSE together
with  Mr.  Perfect of Silents.  But that group didn't grow so I left and joined
Zaxs,  a  subgroup to Trilogy.  After a while I joined Flash Production.  After
two and a
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Interview with Tmb Design

Interview with TMB Designs/Silents, done by Estrup/Static Bytes.
First of all you have to know that this interview was
made  some  weeks ago and last week TMB design joined
Silents,   but  the  questions  are  concentrated  on
Kefrens. I think it's not too big problem coz in this
issue we have a Silents interview too.
E:   Hi  Tore,  let's do an interview for Top Secret.
You  can  start  by  telling  us your name, gr
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Interview with Tomsoft (Thomas Landspurg)

        ³¼Interview with Thomas Landspurg¼

³TS:² Can you introduce youself?

³TL:¹ Once  again!   Well,  I'm  24 years old, I have finished my studies and I'm
    working.  I'm using an Amiga since 3 years.

³TS:² Why have you chosen the Amiga?

³TL:¹ At  the time,having regards to his quality and its price,the Amiga has been
    and is still the best computer.

³TS:² What is your configuration? Is it enough for you?

³TL:¹ I  have  an  A500  with 2 drives, a 100 Mb hard disk an
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Party Invitations

Invitation to Iris New Year Conference

                        ³¼IRIS N.Y.C. '92¼¹

                           new year conference 1992

Location : France, Paris's area, Nesles la Vallee
Date : 27/28 december 1991 (duration 24 hours)

There are great prices:

Demo Competition
Real Time drawing Competition
Music Competition
Games Contests

Alcohols, drugs, weapons, illegal softs and amplifers are strictly forbidden.
But Amigas, long extensions, cables, disks ... are stricly recommanded.


if you pay before       you
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Invitation to The Party 1991

                  ³¼CRYSTAL SILENTS ANARCHY¼




¹The  party  will  be held in a huge conference centre (no fucked up schools) in
Aars  near  Aalborg,  Denmark.   It  will  be  a  reality from thursday 26th of
december at 10:00 CET to saturday 28th of december 1991 at 15:00 CET.


- room for 800-1000 people, including tables and chairs for everybody.
-  A  FREE bus (luxu
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Party Reports

Report on Byterapers and Bloodsuckers Gathering 91

         ³     Byterapers-Bloodsuckers and Scoopex Party report
          ²    ------------------------------------------------
Let's start with a little information about the arrangers:  It should have been
arranged by BYTERAPERS, BLOODSUCKERS and SCOOPEX, but mainly it was arranged by
Merit [B] and Grendel [B].

Party was held in Parikkala (near the Russian border) in the school.  The place
where  we  were was a big hall.  Almost everybody was there except some groups.
The  arranging  was
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Report on Main Event 91

                    ** ³ DIGITAL PARTY - UK PARTY REPORT  ¹**
                    ** ³DONE BY THE MIGTHY SHADOW OF LSD!¹ **
The  party  held  in  Rotherham a cool towm and it was organised by the Digital
crew  a  new  elite  UK  team  with  member  for ex Magnetic Fields (only elite
one!).so, this party held on the 25 and 26 of october.
The party was very good, everyone had a good time.  The bar was open from 10 AM
and  serving good, hot and cold food!  And after drinking over than 100 
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Report on 23 Celsius Crew Party 91

³23C party report²

August  91.   There was almost all lame
local  magazines  this message.  I knew
this  party  will  be a big shit.  Then
why did I go to this lame place???

The  hungarian elites (except M12) said
in our CASTLE'S PARTY:  we'll be there!
So  we  drove  off  hoping  to meet our
friends in the scene.


We  started  from  our HQ (Nyiregyhaza)
with  two  cars.   There  were  four LA
dudes:   Viti,  Raize,  Eyebro
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Report on Ami-Expo Exhibition Cologne 1991

³¼Ami-Expo in Cologne¼¹

One of the great events for every Amiga
freak happened from the 1.  of November
to  the  3rd.  It was the `AMI-Expo` in
Cologne,  the biggest Amiga show in the
world.    Over   200   exhibitors  were
presented    and    `AMI-shows`   (main
organizers  of  this show) thought with
around  70000 visitors.  Some names who
were  presented:   Commodore (who would
believe....),    Data    Becker,   ESD,
Rossmoeller,   Vortex  computersystems,
Amiga    special,    Kickstart
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Report on CCCCP Chromance Party 91

³C.C.C.C.P Party report
Last   year   Chromance  announced  the
biggest     party    ever    seen    in
Budapest/Hungary.   It was a big succes
really.     This    summer    Cerberos,
Chromance,  C/Mania  tried  to organize
the ultimate computer fun show!

Let's see what happened there!

The  party  was  organized  on 6-7th of
September  1991  in  Budapest, Hungary.
The  party  place  was an university of
technical  studies.   Before  the party
there  were some rumours which said the
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Report on Lowlife 91

This  party was held the 27th - 29th of
September  in  Silkeborg, Denmark.  The
organizers    of    the    party   was:
Quackbuster  of  Static  Bytes + Tuborg
and Lunatic of Light.

Mud/Majic  12,Toxic/ex.Kefrens  and  me
left  Skive together.  Toxic had kindly
invited  us  to  drive  with him to the
partyplace.    Well,with   his  father.
There  is not a very long distance from
Skive  to  Silkeborg  but  it felt like
there  was.   That 
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