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Interview with Defcon 5

interview with defcon 5/supplex

what's your name,age,group,function ?

 oi! my name is defcon 5 of supplex and
 i am a swapper and a gfx^artist. i'm 19
 years old.

when was supplex formed ?

 somewhere in '89 (i really don't know
 when exactly and i also don't care).

do you have any divisions ?

 nope !

any boards then ?

 at the moment we have no boards,but
 that will change soon ! by the time
 this is published,we will surely
 have one again.

what do you think about 'friendship' ?

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Interview with Flagg

interview with flagg/panic

tell us your code^name, age, function
and write down what hardware you use.

   my name is flagg and i'm a member of
   panic. at the moment i'm still 16,
   but i become 17 on 1. january
   (presents are welcome...). my
   functions are: hq, swapping and a bit
   gfx. i use a500 with 1 mb, 1 external
   drive and a 1084 monitor.

how are you going at the moment?

   oh, i think i feel quite good, coz
   it's now nearly half past two in
   the night and there are som
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Interview with Frap

interview to frap/magnetic fields.

1.  well everyone, this is frap of
    magnetic fields and i am the
    european swapper, demofreak of this
    group.  my age is 18 years old, and
    the hardware i use is amiga 500,
    1 meg ram, 5/4 drive, 3 1/2 drive
    and not forgetting my monitor and
    cool 16 bit megadrive, which i use
    when i am copying disks for

2.  magnetic fields was formed just less
    than 2 years ago, when there was
    various groups thought of a change
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Interview with Fxr

interview with fxr/omicron

tell us your code^name,function and age.
       my code^name is f^x^r,my function
       is swapper and i'm 16 years old.

what are your hobbies besides computing?

       i usually play tennis and
       sometimes i play golf.

what real music do you listen to?

       i like art of noise,jean^michel
       jarre,rap music and midnight oil.
when did you buy your amiga?

       i bought it 1.5 years ago.

name some cool guys you know?

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Interview with Ghother

interview with ghother/demons

hi! tell us your codename, function
                                and age!

 ok, i am ghother of demons, i am a 18
 years boy and my functions are :

 - founder, swapper, pack maker and some
   lame jobs.....

how many contacts do you have ?

 i have just 45 contact in the world but
 i think i can have better ones !!!!
 (sorry for my bad english, i am a
 i send a hello to all my contacts...and
 to all the girl who like french boys
 (then contac
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Interview with Ghoul

interview with ghoul of arcane.

what's your name,age,hardware,group,
                      function in group?

name    :   ghoul
group   :   arcane
age     :   19
function:   swapper
hardware:   2 extern diskdrives,extra
                         (a lame lc^10)

when was your group founded?

i don't remember ... (that's quite a
                          long time !!!)

how long have you been in arcane?
 have you been in other groups?

i've been in arcane for
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Interview with Janitor

interview with janitor of rebels.

^what's your name,age,hardware,group,

name:     janitor
age :     17 years old
hardware: a500,monitor (philips),extra
          ram,extra drive.
function: swapping,grafix.

^when was your group founded?

about february 1988

^how long are you in the group? have you
 been in other groups before this one?

i have been in rebels for 3^4 months.
former groups are:election,triangle 3532

^what do you think about modemtradi
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Interview with Jason

interview with  energy 

what's your name,age,hardware,group
                           and function?

^jason:   i am 16 years old and a member
          of energy!! i use an atari
          with an amiga,
          a500 with 3 drives and 1 meg.

when was your group founded?

^j. in 1988.

do you have any divisions or boards?

^j. yes! we have a board in germany,ncd
    of energy is the sysop of this cool
    board,call him! if somebody thinks
    he is good enough to join,write t
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Interview with Stranger

interview with  energy 

what's your name,age,hardware,group
                           and function?

^stranger:i am 18 years old,i do some
          training and coding and
          ofcourse part of energy,too.

please tell us something about the his^
                     tory of your group!

^j. don and quaterback founded energy
    austria in 1988. i joined energy
    in 1988 (december,i think...) but
    don and qb stopped working for the
    scene,since they have quite enough
    to do w
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Interview with Teacher

interview with teacher of skid row

what's your name,age,group,former groups
  function ?

 teacher of skid row . i am 30 years of
 age. other group i have been in were
 scoopex and rebels.  i am a code hacker
 for skid row. i am australian

when was skid row found?

 don't now to much about the history of
 skid row... after world of wonders / 
 paranoimia died, there was a period of 
 inactivity, and then a number of guys 
 formed skid row.

what's your best: coder,musician,sysop/
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Interview with Ucom

   spreadpoint interview 

what is your name, age, hardware,
                              function ?

^i am ucom, 16 years old, a500, 1mb ram,
 3.5" & 5.25" ext. drive and i do

tell me something about the history of
                           spreadpoint !

^spreadpoint was founded in 1985 by mike
 and marvin. multiscanner demo was the
 first sp^demo. after a long brake it
 was "refounded" by mike, mark and
 munster. the complete list of the
 demos/intros released by spreadpoint:
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Party Invitations

Invitation to Royal Amiga Force Conference 1991

we  hereby  invite you and your group to

        the royal conference 1991

which  surely  will  be the event of the


we claim to be the first partyorganizers
that  really have all events featured in
the  invitation  without  problems!!! so
when  we say there's real-time download-
ing,there is real-time downloading!!!
at the partyplace you can buy cheap food
such  as snacks and drinks. we guarantee
low prices!!!
the 3.5" discs  that  are  sold at the 
party cost: f9,- 
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Party Reports

Report on Magnetic Fields Revenge Party

magnetic fields copyparty

on friday the 26th of october,i and two
coders from magnetic fields,called hit
and z80,setout to rotherham to meet all
the rest of the members of mf. on friday
night we all stayed over at no.5's house
along with proteus,frenzy and a few
other members. on saturday morning
around 8.30 after a long night with no
sleep as everyone was coding and typing
variuos scrolltexts in their parts for
the un^released megademo,we set out to
the rawmarsh sports centre for the big
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Report on Vision and Mirage X-Mas Party

vision^mirage partyreport

before i start writing this report,i
must tell you that we (raf) don't hate
vision nor mirage (hey guys,nice outfits
you were wearing...).
those stories about us having a war with 
vision aren't true.

we entered the place at 11:15 after
we had been waiting for a quarter of an
hour in the rain (my poor tv was wet!!)
when we entered the place we saw a
complete chaos. we settled and so did
the other party^people and after a while
it became more quiet. there was a big
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