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downloadFourth Dimension 3 IntroIntro
Aggressor - Heatseeker - Kylerion

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added 11/18
(Future Composer 1.0-1.3)

Mad Max

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from Against All Odds
used in/for mag music


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downloadCompilation 64Packdisk
System 5
Beyonder - Killroy - Terminator X

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mag text

Title Screen

 CONTENTS - Fourth Dimension issue #3

01........................Title Screen   58.........................Pet Sematary
02............................Contents   60................Interview with Rebels
03...........................Editorial   63..................Has Jesus Returned?
04...................Gossip - The Itch   64...............Interview with Supplex
06...........This issue's Page 6 model   66.............Why do Topswappers Stop?
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Interview with Bozo

Interview with Rebels

J: When  was  Rebels  founded  and how      hasn't written back for a long time.
   many members are you at the moment?
B: REBELS  was  founded  about 2 years   J: Who's your favourite contact?
   ago.   At  the  moment  we  have 12   B: I  have  more  than one but it's the
   members in Denmark,  2 in Australia      real freaks.  Long  letters and cool
   and some in Yougoslavia.                 stuff included!
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Interview with Logo 7

Interview With Supplex

Here is an interview with  Logo 7  of     called  "ZX 200"  from  Spectra- 
Supplex  done by  Joker  of  Network.     video (?) in 1986.  1 year later
                                          I got a C64.
J: When was  Supplex founded  and how 
   many members are you today?         J: When did you seriously enter the
L: Supplex was founded 31st  of  July  
   1989 and we are about 22 members
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Interview with Parson

Interview with DCS

4D : Group name....                           PARSON: Look above (FRG)
DCS: DCS                                      PATRICK: Code, crack, trainermaker
4D : Your name  (Computer and maybe if   
     you want your personal name!)....   4D : When did you join the scene?
DCS: Parson or The Master Of Sex (HA!)   DCS: Last year at the CEBIT'89
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Interview with The Pride

Int. with Flash Prod.

Joker  of  Network  has  interviewed   P: Our plans is to create good pro-
The  Pride  of  Flash Production....      ducts with  new ideas and to get
                                          many friends, but first  of all;
J: First of all;when was Flash Prod.      have fun!
   born,and how many members are you
   at the moment?                      J: I guessed that. Ok. When did you
                                          buy your fir
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Party Reports

Report on Amiga Conference 90 RSI & TSL

RSI/Silents Partyreport
      A hard weekend in Denmark!

Some days before the Red Sector/Silents  Furthermore  you were able to meet some
party in Glostrup started,  we  decided  good old friends and everyone who got a
to visit this great  event.  We  (Koto/  (good) name in the scene.  On  Saturday
Mindkillers,  Black  Pearl/Rippmasters,  there  was  action the whole day and in
Animal/Outlaws, Warhammer/Dukes and me)  the  evening  some  guyz  captured  our
left my hometown Bielefeld at 8 o clo
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Report on Bergen Party 90

Bergen party
                   T H E   B E R G E N - P A R T Y 

I don't know  whether or not you no-   people.  A seperate hall for sleeping
ticed, but -  in the shadows  of the   was  located  just  few  metres away.  
RSI party in  Denmark,  another par-   A 24hr snack-bar  in the hall was not
ty was arranged  in  Bergen, Norway.   a bad idea.  A  projector for showing
The   party   was   planned  several   the demos  on  a  50"  screen was set
months  in  advance,   but since the   up. (Mor
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Report on Bloodparty 1990

Bloodsuckers Partyreport
            Bloodparty '90

On Friday 8th. of June a copyparty which was organized by Bloodsuckers took
place in Kuopio.
When we arrived at about 5 pm we had to pay the entrance fee of 150 mk.
There were just a few freaks (Chrome+Silents) sitting there and being bored.
Later in the evening some cool dudes like Scoopex SF, D-MOB, Securitate, Vision,
Disknet came and the organizers told that RSI and Defjam would come later (they 
didn't). During the night everybody was c
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Release Reviews

Review on Cool'N'Crazy

          KEFTALES by Kefrens
Wow!  That's  the way I wanna open this
review! It's amazing how that Metallion
keeps finding his ideas!  This demo can
simply just be called 'Ideas Galore'! I
have certainly  not  seen so many ideas
packed up in one place before. Well, to
get to the point: This demo starts with
some very nice effects,  I dunno how he
made them but  they're definitely cool!
To take all of  this demo in one biiiig
bite,  it  contains  some  ver
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Review on Copper Demo 2

COPPER DEMO II by The Hacking Relation!
Copper demos seem to be back as the new
fashion.  Recently I've seen several of
these,  some good and some not so good. 
This is one of the better. Since I'm no
coder,  all I can do is to be amazed at
these demos, surely the copper can only
be splitted in 8 pixels?  My  guess  is
that  they do the same with the coppers
as with sinescrollers.....  Then again, 
it's only a guess!  Well, this demo did
not contain  any a
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Review on Delicate Sounds

    DELICATE SOUNDS by Razor 1911      
This musicdisk contains music from all 
the composers of Razor 1911. There are 
9 songs present on  the disk and Razor 
made 3  demoparts  plus the menu which
give you  something  to  look  at when 
playing  the  tunes!  The coding isn't 
quite the best  I've  seen but bearing 
in mind that  most of it was done over
a year ago  it's  really  respectable! 
Graphics are spares,  just  some logos 
and fonts. Some words 
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Review on NoiseTracker V2.0

Noisetracker V2.0
       Noisetracker V2.0 Report

I've  taken  a  closer look at the new   and see  the  waveforms  at the screen. 
version of  Mahoney and Kaktus'  well-   Then  you  can  do  almost whatever you 
known  Noisetracker.  They  have  just   want with them.  You  can run the whole
released  Noisetracker V2.0  and  I am   instrument backwards,  you can cut away
surprised. It is greater than ever and   parts of the instruments, fade it in or
all the things we missed in  V1.1  are   o
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Review on Lotsa Vec

This demo  started  up a bit like RSI's
Cebit demo,  with  a  great-lookin'  No
Limits-logo and a text generator.  Then
there was (surprise, surprise!) some...
Filed Vectors.... How original! It soon
became obvious to me that this demo had
very few original ideas.  However,  the
coding was  good and the filled vector-
routine looked pretty fast to me!  They
also had a few  objects  with 'shading'
and  (my favourite object)  a
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