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  • Archmage (NO) (Andromeda) (Cliparts)
  • Dwel (FI) (Desire) (Cliparts)


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Interview with Covert Action Team

            Mop / Alcatraz

Talented graphicians can also be found
outside charts ranking areas.  This is
the case of Baggy Trousers, a talented
and  hyper active, 18 year old, German
graphician.   We  believe that most of
you  have,  at  one  time  or another,
heard  about  the  magic  pixelers duo
called  Groo  &  Rufferto,  who in the
past,   were   responsible   for  some
astounding    graphics   for   popular
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Interview with Laxity

            Mop / Alcatraz

Laxity  is  surely  one  of  the  most
popular  scene  personalities  at  the
moment.   No one can neglect his great
talent,  both  as  a capable coder and
also  as  an  astounding musician.  He
made all our dreams come true with his
Desert  Dream,  and astounded everyone
at  the  Hurricane party with Guardian
Dragon  2.  Laxity needs no particular
introductions,   still  
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Interview with Macno

Party Reports

Report on The Party 1993

            Mop / Alcatraz


01  Origin by Complex             2340
02  Full Moon by Virtual Dreams   1860
03  Arte by Sanity                1592
04  9 Fingers by Spaceballs       1512
05  Harmadegon by Infect & Linus   488 
06  Emptyhead by Rednex            380 
07  Fatal Morgana by Tragedy       332
08  5 to 12 by Syndicate           212
09  Letmaelk by The Tracker DK     188 
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Release Reviews

Review on Chaos Land

Chaos  Land  is the intro contribution
from  the  Finnish  heros  at  Virtual
Dreams.   As  the  name suggests, this
40K  intro is based around the idea of
chaos    generated    landscapes   and
fractals....  and what an intro it is!
Tsunami,  the  coder  of  Chaos  Land,
seems   to   have   done  nothing  but
mastering    the   theory   of   Chaos
arithmetic, since his last production!
The  intro  starts  off  with  a  nice
Virtual  Dream  logo  drawn by D-Mage,
which  is  shown  while  the 150
... read more

Review on D

The second contribution comes from the
German guys in Essence.  From the very
beginning,  D immediately becomes very
reminiscent  to the now infamous Melon
productions.   Just  like  last year's
Tetris success, D starts with a bubble
hovering  and  zooming  on  an Essence
logo.   This time though, no real time
ray tracing rendering is claimed!

Next  comes  a series of light sourced
and  RGB  square  vectors...   too bad
they  are so small, but maybe this was
a  part  of  the  design,  which  al
... read more

Review on Toyzareus

At  only  20  votes  away  from D, the
french   dreamers   strike  back  with
another     cute    intro,    entitled
Toyzareus!   The intro starts off with
a  cute title picture of a funny bear,
which  immediately  prepares you for a
trip  into the world of cute graphics!
The text writer parts feature a little
light  sourced  vector  star,  and the
links  between  the  various parts are
accomplished   with  the  aid  of  the
infamous flying vector plane.

Dreamdealers also managed to include a
... read more

Review on Poison

The Polish Investation managed to pull
themselves  up  to  the 5th place with
their  POISON  intro!   Unfortunately,
this  intro  confirms,  from  the very
beginning,  the  weakest point in most
Polish  productions;  and  that is the
graphics.   I  cannot  withhold myself
without  pointing  that  the  graphics
from  DR.   D  are  not  the best ones
you'll  ever  see.   The  intro starts
with  an  ugly  INV  logo, which looks
very  much  like the ones that used to
be featured in the demos of 1985
... read more

Review on Real 40k

It's  time  for  a  new  experience...
LEGO  are  here!  Everyone is familiar
with  the  Danish toy that consists of
blocks      with     which     complex
constructions  can  be built up!  LEGO
is  a  newly formed group which wanted
to show the scene, through their first
production,  that anyone can achieve a
funny  effect  in  a production with a
touch of quality!

You   won't  find  dozens  of  complex
routines in THE REAL 40K INTRO, but to
compensate for that, the intro is full
of  jokes... 
... read more

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