Graphics Artist

  • Country: Czech Republic
  • Known as member of Agony (CZ) in 1994
  • Also with this name: Sid (Quartex), Sid (Razor 1911, Majic 12, Quartz, Jewels (New)) (DK), sid (Impact), Sid (Knights Of The Round Table, Sirius Cybernetics Corp) (SE), Sid (Outlaws), Sid (Supplex, Agima) (AT), Sid (Crux, Crux & Bad Karma) (CH), Sid (2000 AD, Endless Piracy, Powerslaves, Logic System, Double Density Brothers) (NL), Sid (New Age (UK)) (GB), Sid (Defiance) (SE), Sid (Quartz), Sid (DE)

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downloadExit 4
- special Resetkani '94 edition

Job: Graphics (resetkani compo gfx)
added 10/07

Releases that mention this Person as a Member

As Member of Agony (CZ)CategoryAuthorYear
downloadThe ThingIntro
Agony (CZ)
Crash - Leo - R.A.T.
added 1/16