• Known as active in 1992
  • Ex System Operator of Devil's Home
  • Also with this name: Doc (Vision Factory), Doc (Action), Doc (Atomic), Doc (Nuance) (DE), Doc (Syndicate (new)) (DE), Doc (Pearl) (AU), Doc (Dual Crew-Shining/DCS, Mystic, Fanatic, Flying Cows, Erosion, Anaheim, Procyon, Simplex Inc., Mobile) (FI), Doc (Phuture 303, Oops!) (NL), Doc (Recall) (DE), Doc (Valhalla) (CA), Doc (Classic, Doc's House) (US), Doc (Maniax) (DE), Doc (The Brothers), Doc (The Hacking Relation), Doc (I.L.U.) (IT), Doc (Elicma, Cor-dezign, Newlook, Tronex, Disasters) (DE)

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