Modem Trader

  • Known as active in 1996
  • Country: Netherlands
  • Known as member of Phuture 303 in 1996, Oops! in 1996
  • Also with this name: Doc (Devil's Home/Testament) (DE), Doc (Vision Factory), Doc (Action), Doc (Atomic), Doc (Nuance) (DE), Doc (Syndicate (new)) (DE), Doc (Pearl) (AU), Doc (Dual Crew-Shining/DCS, Mystic, Fanatic, Flying Cows, Erosion, Anaheim, Procyon, Simplex Inc., Mobile) (FI), Doc (Recall) (DE), Doc (Valhalla) (CA), Doc (Classic, Doc's House) (US), Doc (Maniax) (DE), Doc (The Brothers), Doc (The Hacking Relation), Doc (I.L.U.) (IT), Doc (Elicma, Cor-dezign, Newlook, Tronex, Disasters) (DE)

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Releases that mention this Person as a Member

As Member of Oops!CategoryAuthorYear
downloadAnniversary Intro - 1 yearDemo
AGA Chipset required
Mentat - Prodigy - Radium - ...
As Member of Phuture 303CategoryAuthorYear
downloadsNostalgia Part 2Intro
Phuture 303
Badger - Lfo - Parsec - ...
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