Texter, Sysop, Swapper, Modem Trader

  • Known as active in 1989-1990
  • Country: Sweden
  • Known as: Regent (in 1991-1993), Thunderhawk (in 1989-1990), Blade (in 1994-1995)
  • Known as member of The Silents in 1990-1993, Triad in 1994, Escape in 1989, Sardonyx in 1994-1995
  • Ex System Operator of The Crime Zone in 1990-1995
  • Also with this name: Blade (Cryptoburners, Amonia, Shade, X-Murf) (NO), Blade (End Of Century 1999, Poison, Eremation, Decade, Cybertech, Phantasy, Crimewatch Uk, Dianetix) (GB), Blade (Network) (NO), Blade (Quartex, Sinners, Paranoimia, Crystal, Rebels, Spreadpoint, Paradox, Melon Dezign, Vision Factory, Nemesis, Avenger, Oracle, Skid Row, Genesis (AFL), Crack Band Crew, Index/Ind-x, Crash, Brainstormers, Delight, Fusion, Model, Crack Inc., Copyright Destroyers Inc, Interpol, The Great Swappers, Raid, Aliens, LGCSS, Equinox (France), Ys\Sphere/Sphere/Ys) (FR), Blade (The Special Brothers, Dream Zone (Sweden)) (SE), Blade (Darkness), Blade (Deadlock), Blade (Pseudo-Ops), Blade (Complex, Phalanx) (FI), Blade (Excel) (GB), Blade (The TNT), Blade (Almagest), Blade (Dytec), Blade (Fraxion/The Flash Team) (NO), Blade (Sagazity, Sardonyx, Subspace, Asylum, Deadline Design, Hades, Up Rough) (SE), Blade (Talent, Awe, Exotique, Anaheim) (FI), Blade (Interpol), Blade (Pendle Europa/Pendle Cracking Service, Prodigy (uk)), Blade (Progress), Blade (Jazzcat) (NO), Blade (2000 AD, Skid Row), Blade (Alliance), Blade (Raw Sector), Thunderhawk (Abyss, Exxon, Crionics) (AT)

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Job: Text
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Europe - Hawkeye - Thunderhawk
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Gonzo - Moky
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PlasticMan - Task 5
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