Sysop, Modem Trader

  • Known as active in 1997-1998
  • Country: Germany
  • Known as member of Lightforce in 1998, Royal in 1997
  • Ex System Operator of Crap Town in 1997-1998
  • Also with this name: Steel (Agoa) (FR), Steel (Light, Cult, The Lions) (DK), Steel (Subway, Rigor Mortis) (SE), Steel (Sector 5) (PL), Steel (Toxic Track, The Orb) (DE), Steel (The Gang), Steel (Alpha Flight), Steel (23 Celsius Crew), Steel (5th Dynasty, Sycres) (DE), Steel (Kool), Steel (Silicon Ltd) (DE), Steel (Possessed, Dark City Of Fear (Germany)) (DE), Steel (TRSI, Crux)

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