Coder, Music Artist, Graphics Artist

  • Known as active in 1989
  • Known as member of Aces in 1989
  • Also with this name: Triton (Proton Ltd., Steel), Triton (Planet Jazz/planet.jazz) (DE), Triton (Aurora) (SE), Triton (Decade, Faith, Prodigy, Radio Teheran) (DE), Triton (Alpha Flight, Endless Piracy, The Company) (DE), Triton (Chrome, Vectra, Master Crew) (FI), Triton (Arkham) (FR), Triton (Outlaws), Triton (The New Aces), Triton (Scoopex, Vision, Subzero) (DE)

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download3D Bobs
Job: Code
added 6/20