• Known as active in 1991
  • Country: Finland
  • Known as member of Chrome, Vectra in 1991, Master Crew in 1990
  • Also with this name: Triton (Proton Ltd., Steel), Triton (Planet Jazz/planet.jazz) (DE), Triton (Aurora) (SE), Triton (Decade, Faith, Prodigy, Radio Teheran) (DE), Triton (Alpha Flight, Endless Piracy, The Company) (DE), Triton (Arkham) (FR), Triton (Aces), Triton (Outlaws), Triton (The New Aces), Triton (Scoopex, Vision, Subzero) (DE)

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As Member of VectraCategoryAuthorYear
downloadDa Blue MouseDemo
Dr. Jive - Morrison - Oregon
added 2/96