• Known as active in 1991
  • Country: France
  • Known as member of Northstar in 1991, Analog in 1991, Agile in 1990-1991, The Special Brothers in 1991
  • Also with this name: Shogun (Byte Busters), Shogun (Amonia), Shogun (Pirates) (DE), Shogun (Freezers) (PL), Shogun (Arcane, Dominators, Dual Crew, Bounty, Cave, Barricade Software, Unhip And The Floppies, Goffy Crackings, Sanxion) (DK), Shogun (Diffusion)

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downloadThe Official Board Dentro
aka Space Sperm
The Special Brothers
Alloc - Ivan - Laserdance - ...
added 12/94