• Known as: Bart (in 1992), Shogun (in 1992)
  • Known as member of Diffusion in 1992
  • Also with this name: Bart (Acme Factories), Bart (Intense) (FR), Bart (23 Celsius Crew), Bart (Supreme (new-amos)), Bart (The Black Robes) (FI), Bart (Isch Crew) (HU), Bart (Freezers) (PL), Bart (Convex), Bart (Exodus (new), Quadriga) (IE), Bart (Collision), Bart (Kaos, Express) (NZ), Bart (Brutal) (FI), Bart (Dytec), Bart (Hansa Cracking Service), Bart (Nuts (NO)) (NO), Bart (Deputy, Radiator) (PL), Shogun (Byte Busters), Shogun (Amonia), Shogun (Northstar/North Star, Analog, Agile, The Special Brothers) (FR), Shogun (Pirates) (DE), Shogun (Freezers) (PL), Shogun (Arcane, Dominators, Dual Crew, Bounty, Cave, Barricade Software, Unhip And The Floppies, Goffy Crackings, Sanxion) (DK)

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