Coder, Texter, Graphics Artist

  • Known as active in 1989
  • Country: Finland
  • Known as member of Wizzcat in 1989
  • Also with this name: Mann (Bloodsuckers), Mann (Multitrade)

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downloadYet Another Demo With Bobs Using Two Sine Tables
Job: Text, Code, Graphics
added 3/09

Interviews with Mann

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downloadZine 1Diskmagazine
Chester - Cobold - Majestic - ...
added 2/94

Interview Text

Mann of WIZZCAT has been interviewed by Brainstorm. 
A few words about Wizzcat? 
-Wizzcat is mainly a finnish group founded in the mid 80's. I however joined the crew only a couple of months ago. There are about ten members and our main activity at the moment is to make own productions (Like demos etc.). Also possibility of starting to code game(s) has been considered, too. 
What are your future plans? 
-To make it short: To grow even bigger and better. 
What do you think about swapping? 
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