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Accused joined up from Setrox.


Interview with Amicom

Amicom of Spreadpoint has been interviewed by Com and Orlando of Brainstorm at the Escpape and Spreadpoint copy party on Oktober 7th. 
When did you join Spreadpoint ? 
-A month ago. 
Your task in Spreadpoint ? 
-Coder, but in Spreadpoint everybody can do what he wants to. 
For how long have you been programming on the Amiga ? 
-For 2 years. 
What computers did you work on before? 
-Spectrum, Sinclair QL. I did some graphic programming with BASIC. 
What did you program on the Amiga? 
-A 3
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Interview with Avoid

Avoid has been interviewed for you by ORLANDO of Brainstorm. 
A few sentences about your group and its past: 
-Our group has 15-25 members ( I don't know really how many, because there are some new members in Norway and Canada, too ). It's a new group with only cool guys in it. I think we will get well known in the near future, because we have many ideas for cool projects. We will make some cool demos and our  1989 - The Year - Megademo. It's a totally new idea for a megademo. 
What's the aim 
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Interview with Dave

Dave and HQ from Headwave have been interviewed by The Acc{sed and Chester of Brainstorm at the Escpape/Spreadpoint copy party on Oktober 7th. 
Where are you from? 
-The HQ is in Zurich, Switzerland. 
How many members are you? 
-Seventeen members and many many girls (!?) Among them six coders and three members of D-Tect joint us. 
What is your general work? 
-We do nearly everything but cracking because it's too expensive. If there's a cheap original supplier anywhere, he should contact us
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Interview with Exterminators

The Exterminators have been interviewed for you by MAJESTIC of Brainstorm. 
A few sentences about your group, and its past. 
-We're a young group (1 year old) consists of 9 members. Lame programming, cool muzak and a great swapping. If you want to get in our group, then write to our HQ. The HQ you can find in the advertisment. 
What's the aim of your group. 
-Demos & Cracking. 
A few sentences about your local scene. 
-We are the most famous group in the scene (yeah!!!!). Other groups thin
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Interview with Charlie (aka Charles Dance Meyer)

Brainstorm interviewed Charlie (alas Charles Meyer) of NEUTRON DANCE. 
Tell us the history of your group. 
-Neutron Dance was founded a couple of years ago by Malone and a couple of friends of his from the college. In the beginning demo making was firts priority, but nowadays there are not many demos by NDC moving round, because some of us are making games, utilities, and some are just like to be lazy. but sometimes you can see something by us. 
What is your function in the group? -I'm a music
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Interview with Daredevil

Daredevil of SPECTRE has been interviewed for you by MAJESTIC of Brainstorm. 
A few sentences about your group, and its past. 
-Spectre was born in March 1989 since then the crew grew to 16 members! We have released about 10 demos and some intros. 2 first Cracks and a couple of musicdisks (own music of course). I would like to say that we're one  of the top six in Sweden on the Amiga & we're top 5 in Europe in VHS-Swapping. We're also one of the few crews in Sweden who had have and has trouble
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Interview with Gray

GRAY of Warp 9 has been interviewed for you by Majestic of Brainstorm. 
A short history about your group. 
-??? Just joined! 
What's your function in your group? -Spreader, Compiler, Grafix. 
What do you think about your local Amiga scene? 
-The inevitable loosers are here but some of the older guys are cool. 
What's your opinion on demos? 
-Demos are neat, as long as they're original and not just ripped source code. 
Your favorite hobby? 
Do you have a modem? 
-Not at t
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Interview with Jedi Coders (aka Skywalker)

Jedi Coders of Phoenix has been interviewed for you by MAJESTIC of Brainstorm. 
A few sentences about your group, and its past. 
-Phoenix is probably the best french crew, there are members of: Ex Sinners, Ex Cascade, Ex The Drunk ones, Ex West Coast Boys, Ex CBC, etc. 
What's the aim of your group? 
-Demos, and sometimes cracks. We do coding, coding, coding, coding is our business. 
A few sentences about your local scene. 
- Lame in the Bordeaux Scene. 
Your opinion about copy parties? 
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Interview with Mann

Mann of WIZZCAT has been interviewed by Brainstorm. 
A few words about Wizzcat? 
-Wizzcat is mainly a finnish group founded in the mid 80's. I however joined the crew only a couple of months ago. There are about ten members and our main activity at the moment is to make own productions (Like demos etc.). Also possibility of starting to code game(s) has been considered, too. 
What are your future plans? 
-To make it short: To grow even bigger and better. 
What do you think about swapping? 
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Interview with Norton

Norton of ESA has been interviewed for you by MAJESTIC/Brainstorm. 
A few sentences about your group, and its past. 
-The group was founded in mid June 1988 and consists of about 20 people in Sweden, Norway and in the U.K. 
What's the aim of your group? 
-We aim to be a major force on the cracking scene in Europe and to be able to deliver the highest quality-wares to our contacts. 
A few sentences about your local scene. 
-The local scene is pretty lame. Just a few groups and most of the L
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Interview with Paranoid

Paranoid of Phaze 101 has been interviewed by Majestic/BRS. 
A few sentences about your group, and its past. 
-Since I joined Phaze 101 only four month ago I don't know when the group was founded but we previously were callen "101-The Maltese Hackers". At the moment we are only running a disk magazine and the only active members are only a few (the coders and the swappers). We (I must admit) have not good GFX Wizards or Musicians anyway some new dudes joined us but I don't know their functions
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Interview with Savage

Savage of Unique has been interviewed for you by ORLANDO of Brainstorm. 
A few sentences about your group and its past. 
-Unique was founded in July 1989. Some members of Accession (Cool J / Santuu / Equalizer ) joined us because Accession was getting so lame. Cool J started coding the vector-demo and it was released in late August. That was our passport for a good reputation in demo-making. Before our demo was released there were a  lot of bullshit rumours going around in Finland about us. I 
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Interview with Shark The Master

Shark of SCOOPEX has been interviewed for Zine by Batman of Brainstorm. 
Hh Shark of Scoopex! 
Kannst Du mir kurz die Geschichte von Scoopex schildern? 
-Geschichte? Okay... Es war einmal ein Ritter der einfach nicht einsah, warum man nach der Aufl]sung der alten Gilde nicht weitermachen       sollte. So traf er sich mit seinem K]nig und heckte mit ihm einen tollen Plan aus. Wichtig war ein neuer Name. Der Ritter (Alias Shark TM) hatte die grandiose Idee.. Scoopex. Auch der K]nig wa
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Interview with Snowman

Snowman of D.D.C has been interviewd by Scattergold of Brainstorm. 
When, why and how was D.D.C founded and now many members do you have? 
-D.D.C was founded 2 years ago.We have about 50 members. 
Could you sum up the politics of DDC in a few words? 
-Be fast and coooooollllll !!! 
Do you remember your first production? 
-Probably a trainer (I can't remember...). 
And the best one? 
-Each production of D.D.C was and will be the best ! 
Do you work with modems? 
-Of course, Tigger works
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Interview with Tec

This interview with Tec of IT has been arranged for Brainstorm by Jamcat of PHOBIA. 
Short history of your group: 
-It was formed a year ago in Harstad. 
Your function in your group: 
Your local Amiga scene: 
Opinion on demos: 
-Demos are coool 
Do you have a modem? 
Your favourite demo: 
-RSI Megademo 
How many swappartners do you have? 
-appr.5 + lamers and others. 
Good/bad rumors: 
-Maybe a Gigaparty in Drammen next year (April). 
He didn't answer any othe
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Interview with Tsc (aka Dino)

TSC of Trilogy has been interviewed for you by MAJESTIC of Brainstorm. 
A short history about your group. 
- Sorry, we're new members! 
A few sentences about your function in your group. 
-Grafics, Swapper, Coding(?). 
What's your opinion on demos? 
-I love'em. 
Your favorite hobby? 
What's your favourite demo? 
-RSI + Kefrens Mega Demo 
How many swap partners do you have? -About 20. 
Will that number change in the future. 
-Of course. 
Is the fastness of modem trading a
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Interview with Warlord

Warlord of DIGITECH has been interviewed by Majestic of Brainstorm. 
Tell us something about your group. -Digitech was founded about 2 years ago. We consist of 22 members at the moment. We dont have any foreign members. I think we are quite productive. The only drawback in our group is the lack of a original supplier. 
What's your function? 
-I'm the main swapper, packer and administrator. 
What do you think about your local Amiga scene? 
-It's cool, a lot of cool groups are in Gothenburg...
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Interview with Unicorn

This is a Brainstrom interview witch UNICORN by Mike and Cobold of BRS. 
Far how long has Unicorn been existing? 
-We know us since 1984, and we went public in summer '88 as a crew. 
Give us a memberlist of your group. 
-We are two crackers, three coders, 2 graphic-artists, one musician and two spreaders in form of five persons. 
Which are the positive points in the scene and which are the negative ones ? 
-Positive are the connections between the groups. We enjoy new programming tricks fr
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Party Reports

Report on Shape and TRC Party 89

There was also a copy party in Porsgrunn, during from the 12th to the 15th of Oktober 89. 
This party was mostly filled with C64 freaks and lamers, but I also saw some famous groups like The Band, IT, Imp 666, No Limits, Cryptoburners, Academix and The Maffia. 
The demo competition was won by No Limits. (They had some really cool demos.) 

Report on Escape and Spreadpoint Copy Party 89

This time the party I will report about took place on the 7th and 8th of Oktober 89 in Sarmenstorf, Switzerland. It's been organized by Escape and Spreadpoint. 
Well, let me tell you about the party: 
We (Brainstorm) drove to this place with 7 members in one car. The driver was the Ex-Setrox Coder "The Acc{sed". His mother paid for the gas. Thanx! 
Here some groups we met there: 
RSI, Setrox, Hellas, Avenger, Europe (former Piranhas), D-Tect, Headwave, Darklight, Unix One, Silverhawks Of P
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