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TLH PARTYREPORT             

The  TLH  party  23  -  25  October in
Lidkoping, Sweden.                    
I came to this party in the morning of
the  24th.  At that time it was pretty
calm  at  the party most of the people
were  at sleep even the organizers. We
(Beathoven,     Case,     Claw,    and
Archimedes) installed our computers in
the   same   classroom  as  Notorious,
Exceed,  Wertical  and  two members of
Nova. After half an hour we got pretty
hungry and bought some sandwiches that
the organizers were selling. The party
was  a party for all kind of computers
but  it  was  mostly  Amiga  and Atari
present.  The organization was OK. You
could   get  Cokes,  chocolate,  other
candy,  Beer, Pizzas and other food at
nearly  24  hours  a  day. It was very
cheap  to get in to the party, just 70
swedish  crowns  and  that's about six
Special  events:  You  could  look  at
movies  in  a  special classroom, they
were  mostly  showing Friday the 13th.
There was a guy that were selling some
food  and  he  went  to the classrooms
with    everything.    A    kind    of
roomservice.  I  think this was a very
good idea.                            
The     Competitions    were:    worst
lamerdemo,  best demo, best module and
best  picture.  Only  Amiga  and Atari
were   allowed   to   compete  in  the
competions.  In worst lamerdemo a demo
called  Bajs  i  Badkar  (shit  in the
bathtub)    won.    In   the   picture
competition  there  was  several  guys
that  competed  for  example Iridon of
Shining  with a great fantasy picture,
Case of Emotion (just before he joined
Equinox)   with   a   picture   of   a
cybergirl,  Schizo  of  Supplex with a
greyscale   comic  character,  Red  of
Omega (a ST graphician) with a picture
of  a  girlface  in  greyscale. Red of
Omega  won the competion and he won an
optic mouse with a mouse survival kit.
In  my  opinion  I don't think Red was
worth  winning  cause Iridon's picture
was  much more better but I think that
the  ST  owners  voted for Red because
he's wellknown in the ST scene. In the
music competition Unit 17 (a ST group)
won with a tune called Jam House. Made
with their own 8 channel system.      
The Demos in the democompetition were:
A  demo  by  Daylight. This amiga demo
was  very  bad but it's hard to decide
because this demo didn't work properly
on the organzisers computer.          
A  BBS intro by Supplex. This was just
a  small BBS intro with some vector. A
dentro   by   Shining.   This   dentro
contained    pixelized   vector,   dot
spheres  and  some  more  that  I dont
remember.  It also contained some good
gfx  and  nice  music. A small demo by
Ice  (a  ST  group)  it  was  just one
screen  with  plasma, logo and scroll.
Grotesque  by Omega (a ST group). This
demo  is a very good Techno demo that 
includes  some dancers, logos, vector.
The  music  is  Punish your machine by
Front  242 that's sampled and remixed.
The demo is inspired of Global Trash 2
and some other techno videos.         
Grotesque  won  in  the demo competion
and   I  think  this  demo  was  worth
winning.  They won a gift voucher with
enough money for an Atari Falcon.     
Groups present at the party:          
Shining,  Emotion,  Exceed,  Trash 80,
Quartz,   Nova,  Daylight,  Notorious,
Dead  Hackers Society, Supplex, Omega,
2 Smart 4U, Ice, Unit 17, Impulse, The
Lazer heads and Wertical. That's all I
remember  but  probably  not  all that
were  present. It was about 200 people
at the party.                         
I  liked  this  party  even  if it was
small  and  the  productions  that was
released wasn't that good at least not
on  amiga. But the organization was ok
and  party  place  had room enough for
everybody (it was in a school for 1700
By Beathoven