Invitation to Bloodparty 1990

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Android - Communist Cowboy - Cyborg - ...
party info: our party do  n o t  have too much rules.. good example of no too much rules (ntmr) is   alcohol , sex & weapons : no limits!!   the party have many other good sides too:  (and again one good example) foreigners have no admission and local (finnish) guys have to pay only 100fim (cool guys) or 150fim (normal guys) all the cool and famous groups will come!!  good competitions! best prizes!!  we arrange many competitions like: democompo * drunkcompo * pukecompo(!) * hardguycompo * lamercompo * partygroupcompo etc...  bloodparty will be the one of the greatest parties ever in whole europe !!!  do not hesitate !!  write to bloodsuckers hq and get the invitation to the best party ever been!!