Invitation to Assembly 2015

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Assembly 2015 Invitation

on Simulaatio 2015
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-- Welcome to Assembly Summer 2015! --
First off, let's start with the rules 
of the oldskool competition.          
- Any Amiga made by Commodore allowed.
- CPUs from 68000 to 68060 allowed.   
- Your production must use the Amiga  
  chipset, no RTG or AHI.             
- ICS to AGA chipsets allowed.        
- Maximum showing time 5 minutes.     
  Organizers may choose to stop the   
  production before the end.          
- Maximum size 20MB.                  
You do not have to be present at the  
party place to compete! You just need 
to purchase an oldschool ticket.      
The organizers will bring a variety of
Amigas to the party                   
* A500, 512/512k, 1.3, 1MB Agnus      
* A3000, 16/8/2MB, 3.1, 030@25MHz     
* A1200, 128/2MB, 3.1, 060@50MHz      
If you would like to run your product 
on something else, please send an     
email to:                             
or if you're on IRCnet, please contact
Jope or Britelite.                    
                      RMB to flip page
The party will be organized between   
30.7.-2.8. 2015 at the Helsinki Fair  
centre, which is located in           
Pasila, Helsinki.                     
The party features include:           
- a quiet sleeping hall               
- showers for men/women               
- various restaurants serving food    
- a 24/7 internet connection          
.. and much more. Be sure to check out for more information!