Party Review for The Gathering 1994

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A  party report from the annual easter
party   arranged   by   the  legendary

By Dolphin/Stone Arts

This  is  a  report written during the
first  two days at The Gathering.  For
obvious  reasons, the results from the
competitions  have  therefore not been
included.   The  Gathering 1994, which
is  the third BIG party held so far by
Crusaders,  was  arranged  during this

One would think that guys with so much
experience   could  arrange  a  decent
party  without any annoying power-cuts
and the usual "misfortunes" that tends
to  happend,  but no such luck.  Don't
get  me  wrong,  the party is great in
many  ways  -  parties are very seldom
boring.   It's just that every visitor
could  easily  have  done  without the
situation   which   occured  when  the
fire-alarm rang.  Everbody were thrown
out  of  the  hall  into the cold air.
The  first time this occured everybody
started    to   laugh,   but   a   few
fire-drills   later   people   stopped

The earlier mentioned problems were of
little  significance  compared  to all
the  people  who  were  let down after
their  expectations grew sky-high when
reading  the  invitation  prior to the
event.   A  formidable  amount  of the
promises   the   arrangers   had  made
weren't  kept.  Which goes to prove my
party-philosophy:    If  you  have  no
expectations,  you  won't  be let down
that easy.

The invitation said that the cafeteria
would serve more varied food than last
year.   Their  promises concerning the
variation   seemed  to  be  fulfilled.
Hamburgers   and   pizza's  etc.   was
available throughout the entire party.
In  the mornings one could buy special
breakfast   packages,  and  later  the
cafeteria    served   dinner-packages.
Unfortunately,  the  food  was  rather
expensive    and   the   prices   were
definitively   not   "reasonable",  as
stated in the invitation.

The local fire-department seemed to be
bugging the arrangers, and they wanted
to  close  the  whole arrangment down.
Fortunately,  things  worked  out fine
and  both  the  problem with the local
authorities    and   the   electricity
shortage is fixed.

Currently, at least these known groups
have     showed     up:     Andromeda,
Spaceballs,  Talent, Scoopex, Balance,
Razor 1911, Iris, Stone Arts, Kefrens,
Fairlight,    Banana   Dezign,   Melon
Dezign,  Alcatraz,  Polka Brothers and
Movement.  You can add a lot of groups
to  the list I just wrote as this list
hardly    represents   all   the
present groups.

If  you  count out a few big accidents
and  broken  promisses,  this party is
still great.  That "party-feeling" has
reached new heights hour by hour.  The
competitions  are  bound  to be packed
with    interesting   and   innovative
productions,  so I guess The Gathering
1994  will  be yet another success for
the arrangers.  Also, the audio/visual
equipment  provided  by  the arrangers
looks and sounds very good.

The   fact   that  the  party-hall  is
devided   in  two  major  rooms  means
practicly   nothing.   The  only  real
disappointment   here  was  the  lousy
opportunity  to  sleep.   A  huge tent
with  heating  has  been put together,
and  provides  the  visitors  with the
only "allowed" place to sleep.  People
who  sleep  in  the  main-hall will be
woken  up  by  inspecting  guards from
time to time.  Rumours has it that the
earlier mentioned tent is cold.




Collected by Dolphin/Stone Arts

Here  you  have  the  results from the
competitions at The Gathering 1994.

Due  to  limited  space,  a few of the
lowest  entries  have  been  left out.

The  complete  party  report  from The
Gathering  1994, arranged this easter,
can be read in the previous article...
         Graphics Competition
 1. FAIRFAX/ANDROMEDA       349 points
 2. Tony/Razor 1911         240 points
 3. Archmage/Andromeda      184 points
 4. BCR/Stone Arts          177 points
 5. Decker/Andromeda        150 points
 6. Blue Devil/BDZ          140 points
 7. Tiedye/Darkzone         133 points
 8. Bridgeclaw/Iris         129 points
 9. Pal/Offence              68 points
10. Pudding/Grotesticle      63 points
11. Martin Skulstad          58 points
    Pixie/Polka Brothers     58 points
13. Devilstar/Virtual Dreams 57 points
14. Toastmaster/Movement     55 points
15. Jerry Dark               47 points

      (There were 43 finalists)
      (All entries were shown!)
          Music Competition
 1. SVOLKRAQ/GOLLUM         472 points
 2. Mr.Man/Andromeda        257 points
 3. Dice/Polka Brothers     207 points
 4. Syntex/Stone Arts       167 points
 5. Lizardking/Razor 1911   165 points
 6. Omen                    143 points
 7. Outzider/DarkZone       140 points
 8. Brainbug/Alcatraz       112 points
 9. B&H/Stone Arts           93 points
10. Loco&SunDanceKid/Talent  82 points
11. Lane/Banana Dezign       66 points
12. Lizard/Spaceballs        53 points
    Boo/Talent               53 points
14. Ramosa/Oblivion          50 points
15. Vinnie/Spaceballs        40 points
16. Don Cato/Talent          39 points

   (There were 20 picked finalists)
     40K Amiga Intro Competition
 1. STONE ARTS - "Bjarne"   564 points
 2. Spaceballs - "Funky..." 321 points
 3. Stone Arts - "Rush"     227 points
 4. Offence - "No sleeping" 195 points
 5. Triumph - "Invention"   151 points
 6. Compact - "Hiplash 2"   138 points
 7. Razor - "ChaosMaze"     121 points
 8. Firehawk & Hoaxers - ?   83 points
 9. Cadaver - "Testiclo"     82 points
10. Movement - "Old School"  72 points
    Isvektor - "Efkisvek"    72 points
12. Balance - "Orgasmatron"  67 points
13. Humane & Vanity - ?      40 points

   (All entries shown, except one)

(A  really awesome intro from Ikea was
disqualified by the arrangers...!)
        Amiga Demo Competition
 2. "Brain State..." from CRB    371 p
 3. "Friday at 8" from Polka B.  347 p
 4. "Q.E.D 2" from Talent        265 p
 5. "Flashtest" from CRB          80 p
 6. "Quite Unusual" from Razor    74 p
 7. "?" from Paramount            65 p
 8. "?" from Banana Dezign        59 p
 9. "Distant" from Moonshine      38 p
10. "Runaway Brain" from Sector T 33 p
11. "Closed Apart" from Equinox   26 p

       (All entries were shown)

The  PC  demo  competition  was won by
Five.   They  participated with a demo
entitled  "Superunknown".   Only  four
groups  participated  in  the  PC demo

The  animation  competition was won by
Triumph.   They  won  with 818 points,
beating the second place with over 400

   The voting system was based on:

        4 points for 1st vote.
        2 points for 2nd vote.
        1 point  for 3rd vote.