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  • Juice (HR) (Insane / Reality (CR))

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AmigaKlang 0.951
added 5/20


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ASCII Art File Info (.diz file)

"Tremors" by Juice/Reality^iNSANE

A piece of executable music for the Amiga, released at the Oldschool Music Compo
at Revision 2020.

No prerecorded samples used, ALL of the samples are synthesized in runtime by
the 10.2KB .exe, made possible using Virgill's amazing AmigaKlang tool.

The sample precalc time takes just under 30 seconds on a vanilla A1200. 
It should also run just fine on an A500, although the precalc will be twice as 

This archive includes a 10.2KB standard Amiga executable file, a MP3 render
of the song and this readme file.

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