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 _ __ ___ _____|      /__/\ __   _ __/\
      \__\\    |    //    \\ _)_.___  \\
           \        / |     \   |_ /    \ ___ __ _
            \______/________/__ '/______//__//

Void presents "Green Heat", a demo released at the Compushere 2018
demo-party in Gothenburg, Sweden.

Credits is as follows:
Code by Puni
Music by Jeano
Font by TSD
Graphics by Puni, TSD, Public Domain cliparts from the Web
Sound effect in the Greetings-part lent from the ST-XX collection

Unpack the archive to a location of your choice, then either run
"Void-GreenHeat.exe" from CLI or double-click on the icon with the
same name.

Developed on Amiga 1200 with Fast-RAM. Works on vanilla Amiga 1200.
Should also work on other Amiga systems with at least 1 MB of RAM
and Kickstart 2.0+.

If you wish you get in touch with Void, please send an e-mail to
Puni/Void at You can also contact us
through our website at

We are open for new members, so if you'd like to be part of an Amiga
group that are still active making demos, graphics, music and other
stuff, please contact us. We especially need graphicians who can help
with logos, cliparts, fonts and so forth. It does not matter if you
are a beginner or veteran, most important thing is that you have fun
with your Amiga. We cover both classic Amiga and next-gen (AmigaOS 4
and MorphOS).

Current Memberlist and News (November 2018):
AlienTech - Coder - Sweden
Angel - Coder - Sweden
Blackbeard - Trader - Greece
Emufr3ak - Coder - Switzerland
Harrison - Graphician - United Kingdom
hukka - Coder, Musician - Finland
Jeano - Musician - Norway
Lonewolf - Coder, graphician - United Kingdom
mAZE - Musician - Norway
NeuteK - Musician - Norway
Powerslave - Founder, Musician - United Kingdom
Puni - Coder, Webmaster, Editor, Organizer - Norway
Rebb - Coder, Musician - Finland
Rumrunner - Coder, Editor - Norway
Spitfire - Coder, Graphician - South Africa
Strife - Coder - Norway