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Amaze (Series Publishers)


  • Mcm (DE) (improvements, menu)




Individuals and Guests




  • Brain (DE) (Dynasty) (title, second logo)
  • Cooper (DE) (Symbiosis) (menu)


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Magic Duke
131210 bytes / crc
added 6/95

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downloadNopack 32Packdisk
Bratz - Knotis - Logic - ...

added 11/03
downloadNeutralized 023Packdisk
Albatros - Chronos - Hydra - ...

downloadPleasant Pieces 02Packdisk
The Special Brothers
Alloc - Ivan - Rebel Mc

added 1/06
downloadCarcass Pack 16Packdisk
Kreator - Manta - Scuba - ...

added 8/06


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Interview with Cap

Interview with CAP of The Treacl Team

The inteview was hold in the house from T.O.R (ex DYNASTY Muzaker). So it was
not easy for us to make the interview, because CAP mixed the whole time with
the soundequipment from T.O.R. ...

DT  : Hey CAP ! Say something personal about you. Are you working ?

CAP : OK Im CAP of The Treacl Team and Im a 16 years old. I do not work
      I actually go to a school in Bremen .

DT  : How long you are in The Treacl Team ?

CAP : I`m now since summer 91 there.

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Interview with Metallica

      Interview with METALLICA/SKID ROW. 

 GST: What's your name and your job in your group ?

 MTL: Hi! I'm METALLICA and the glorious leader of SKID ROW.

 GST: When did you join your group ?

 MTL: I didn't join SKID ROW. I organized SKID ROW with some
      former Paranoimia members.

 GST: Have you been in other groups before ?

 MTL: OKS Important Division (The legendary), World of 
      Wonders and Paranoimia.

 GST: How long does SKID ROW exist ?
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Interview with Ray

      Interview with RAY/CULT. Done by GENESTEALER/AMAZE

 GST: All right, let's start. First of all, tell me a bit  
      about yourself. (Hobbies, age...)

 RAY: I'm 17 years old and a coder/swapper of CULT. My 
      hobbies are girls, sport and computer. I go to school
      and want to make my "ABITUR".

 GST: What's your job in your group ?
 RAY: I'm a coder and a little swapper in CULT. I organize
      with a friend the CeBit '92 Party at the moment.

 GST: Have you been in other
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Interview with Rebel Mc

  Interview with Rebel MC / TSB 
  Done by Death Angel / Amaze

DTR: Tell me something about your person !
     Do you still go to school or are you working ?
RMC: My real name is Dennis. I'm 18 years old and still going to school
     (11th class). I'm 1.64 m according to my identety card, but I am 1.78
     m high. My weight is 58 kg (Fliegengewicht or what?) [Ed.: Don't come 
     into windy Zones or you fly away]. i have sum hobbies ,too. In my spare
     time, I do sum badminton, play tenni
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Interview with Sos

DRC: Hi S.O.S., pleeze tell our readers something about yourself
     and the group you are in !
SOS: I'm 16 years old, leader and mainswapper of Armageddon and just
     started to try it with composing some sounds. Armageddon consists
     of 9 members at the moment.
     Perhaps you want to know something about me in private (if not I
     won't care anyway) ? So my hobbies are partying, the beat of hip-
     hop and also those nize creatures called girls. I've got both
     brown hair and ey
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Interview with Tronix

      Interview with TRONIX/TECH. Done by RAW/CULT 
 RAW: Yoh Guy. Are you ready?

 TRX: Yoh, eye!

 RAW: O.k. let's start. First, tell us your name, age and 
      function in your group.

 TRX: Yep, my name is TRONX/TECH and I'm 18 years old. I'm a 
      swapper and sometimes I also make some GFX.

 RAW: When did you start to swap? In which groups you were 
      before TECH?

 TRX: Oh..., to swap " really " newest stuff I started 1 and 
      a half years ago. First I was independen
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