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musdownloadfc14.cytax-ice3intro02:15used in/for Intro Music
(Future Composer 1.4)


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musdownloadsmod.silent sleep05:28used in/for Magazine Music
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downloadOld Goldies 7Packdisk
Banal Projects
Boomer - Cosmos - Paul McBody

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Interview with Paralysis

    INTERVIEW WITH PHENOMEMA...    86                            

ICE: Hiho,Paralysis!!!  When, how  and    ICE: How's   the   scene  around  your
     why   did   you  join  the  Amiga         place?  Do you  have  any  famous
     Scene???                                  and/or cool guys  like  Zed/Cytax
PHM: I joined the scene 87. Why? well,         in the neighbourhood??
     I    was    fascinated   by   the    PHM: There is no scene around my place
     possibilities of the AMIGA (1000) 
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Party Invitations

Invitation to Amega Party

  AMEGAPARTY 91-EVENT OF THE YEAR! 78                            

You should have some very good reasons if you  choose  to  sit  home  when  this
party take place. It will take  place  from  the  28th  of  june  to  the  30th.
We will open doors at 07.00am, if  you  come  earlier...  no  problem,  we  will
be there from 00.00am. We will close the doors at 10.00pm on  sunday  the  30th.
For especially interested people we  will  holde  a  smaller  p
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Party Reports

Report on Ami Expo Berlin 1991

      AMIGA EXPO BERLIN REPORT     73                            

While writing this report we are (Leo,    took the wrong way and landed directly
Sooga  & Amphetamine) sitting in Leo's    in  the wonderful (puke!) eastern part
car  and  are  on  our  way  back from    of  Berlin  and  we  cruised  one hour
Berlin  to  Hamburg.  We were not very    through  dirty streets till we arrived
happy  about  this day (27th of April)    at the exhibition place.
because  too  many  frustating  things
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Report on Anarchy Winter Conference 1991

     ANARCHY WINTER CONFERENCE !   76                            

Anarchy        Winter       Conference    started  doin  what  we  usually do at
Barnsley,England    23/2/91    -    By    these  partys, flog vids!!,Anyway, 200
BRICK-Intuition                           Quid    later    feeling   happy   for
                                          themselves    (Arioch   and   Wizzbit)
Unfortunatly  no Demos to release this    decided  to  leave  for home.The party
time,  oh well.After a good 
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Report on Cebit Party 91

Report on Demons Amiga Convention

       DEMONS AMIGA CONVENTION     74                            

The  DEMONS  Amiga Convention was hold    activity was coding, drawing, swapping
in  Namur  (Belgium  from  the  9th of    and   so   on...  At  5h00  began  the
march  to  th 10th. Because of the bad    Kick-Off  2  comp.,  a  French guy won
date  and  the party place (rather far    (sorry,  somebody  lost the paper with
away  from Namur), we didn't expect to    the names so I don't remember his name
many   people  but  there  w
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Report on Royal Amiga Force Conference 1991

       ROYAL CONFERENCE-REPORT     79                            

A few weeks ago we (THE LORDS) got the    go......  First  we  had some troubles
invitation for The Royal Conference'91    with  transportation,  we  were with 6
organised  by  R.A.F.  The  invitation    dudes  and we had only one little car.
said that it surely would be the event    But  the  solution was found, Killroy,
of  the year. There would be real-time    Thrasher,  Sniper,  Jasic and I (Ramon
downloading,  cheap  food,  
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Report on Treacl Celebration Party 91

         TREACL PARTY REPORT       75                            

Here  a  very  short  report  from the    hall,  which  belonged  to  a pub. But
Treacl/Panic-Copyparty held in Bocholt    then  there  was  a big electric power
on  02/03/1991. - At 10 a.m. I went by    failiure   and   no   computer  worked
train  to  Duesseldorf and there I met    anymore.  And  we waited and waited...
some   other   members   to  drive  to    and  waited... no more electricity. At
Bocholt, where the party too
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