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Phantasm (Group)



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added 8/10

Contained BBS Info

NamePhoneCountryOperated By
Black Hole (Germany)+49 (0)40-7240613 GermanyJohn P. (aka John Player)
Escape49-0-4152-82109, +49-4152-82109 GermanyTcm+4
Black Box (Germany/near Hamburg)N1:+49 (0)4105-84619, N2:+49 (0)4105-84914, N3:+49 (0)4105-669011, N4:+49 (0)4105-669012 GermanyGandalf
Metal BBS+49-40-7218638 GermanyLonewolf
Notre Dame+49-0-40-247835, +49-0-40-2800074, +49-40-2800074 GermanyHamdi, Mustafa
Paradise Lost+49 (0)408-406868, +49 (0)273-53965, +49 (0)273-56699 GermanyDarius

Group Members of Phantasm Mentioned In This Prod

Stranger, Latex, Lonewolf, Mosh, Silicon Surfer, System, Tattoo, Crisi, Fantasy, Aoe, Deathstar, Mash, Rico, Ruff, Spirit, Tcm+4, Wow


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Lo, folks - hy dudz !!      
This is the fixed version of PHANTASMs first BBS intro heading for the great AMINET. 
Release date is Monday, 14-Nov-1994.        
A little, nasty bug in the Amiga ROM sometimes switches the 
blitter interrupt on. The result was a simple crash of our intro %-(.   
But now it seems to be running perfectly on all (almost all) configurations.    
The bug was found & fixed by Silicon Surfer & Crisi.   
The additional work was done by Silicon Surfer.   
I know it 
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