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Panzerfaust (Series Publishers)




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  • No. 1 (DE) (Beastie Boys / Antrax)

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(Soundtracker 15 Samples)

No. 1

added 2/96

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downloadFundamental Collection 37Packdisk
no music - error-on-disk
Master Crew
Boba Fett - Eku

added 6/06
downloadsCompactings 2Packdisk
no music
The Panties

added 5/16


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hi !!!      here comes the greets...       abakus, abandon, accession, amiga force, amiga vision, atomic, avalanche, avenger, browbeat, critters, cryptoburners, deathstar, d.r.i, elimination, erazor, errors, extreme, frodo, gate, hac the crew, hitect of mirage int., hurricane, italian bad boys and digitech, ids crew, impulse, ivory, level 4 and shadowlight, lightburners, master crew, miami byte inc., mio, network 23 of sunriders worldwide, noble star, odyssey, powermix, sargon, scoopex uk, team 
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Text Inside this Production

jeeaaaahh!            panzerfaust presents again a new intro.          as usuall coding was made by  rodador   and graphix by  dragonmind       unfortunately this time music isn't made by jupe or anyone of panzerfaust...      by the way this is rodador writing and i suppose i'll do all writing in this scrolly. as i said before, the tune isn't from us, because jupe don't want to do music anymore and there wasn't any music ready for this little intro (we have several musicians, though) so 
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