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Interview with Adam

!Adam/DCS Interrogated
by Matarazzo/Iris
Adam of DCS Interrogated

done by Matarazzo/Iris

Please give us a short but informative introduction of yourself! :)

My name is Antti Rita. I am 20 years OLD unemployed computer nerd. I live in Jyväskylä, which is a small city located in central Finland. I like to draw and do 3D-modelling with computers, I also like to design demos and organize things. In demoscene I'm better known as Adam of DualCrew-Shining.

Now, tell us how you picked your handl
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Interview with Alien

Interview with Clawz

!Clawz Interview
By Bobic/BTTR
Interview With Mathieu Berthaud aka Clawz

by Bobic/BTTR Web Project


Clawz is one of the most famous french scene musicians. He made the music for nearly every demo, which his friend Gengis created. Origin, Motion - Origin 2 or Extemporized are good examples. Together with his friend Gengis he has founded in 1995 one of the best demo groups of all time - Bomb!

Later in his outstanding scene carreer he joined an other well known french demo group - 
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Interview with Critikill

!CritiKiLL farbRausched
by NdK/Gfx Zone
Interview with CritiKiLL of Scenic^Farbrausch

done by NdK/Gfx Zone maintainer - Copyright: GFX Zone ( - taken with permission.

Let's start with the obligatory first part of a lot of interviews. Can you please introduce yourself to the readers?

Ok let`s start with some general information about me and myself. My real name is Gordian B. and I'm 23 years old. I was born in the north of Germany in a city called Hamburg. I'm still liv
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Interview with Darkhawk

Interview with Embassy

!Interview Embassy
by Ghandy/Darkage^Scenet
GroupInterview with Embassy

by Ghandy/Darkage^Scenet Staff


Suomi`s permier democrew EMBASSY is one of the most underrated groups ever. Their masterpiece "Myster Tremor" features brilliant demotunes, excellent and innovative effects and a nice overall screenplay. If you missed it, go to and leech it, this demo is always worth a try!!

The Jurassic Pack crew wanted to look behind the curtain and spoke with the creators 
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Interview with Glenn

Interview with Jibe

!Jibe Examined
by Wishbone/Gfx Zone
Jibe Of Syndrome Examined

by Jean-François "Wishbone" BYSTRY - member of the Gfx Zone team

Wishbone: Please introduce yourself for our fantastic readers.

Jibe: I'm Julien Blanc, 18, France. I'm studying Arts. I joined the group ZeN in March `99 and left for Condense in November 99 as a 2D artist. I began to make some 3D and soon after we began the "Freestyle" demo with Syndrome.

Wishbone: How did you come up with your handle ?

Jibe: Because Julien B...
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Interview with Maturefurk

!MatureFurk Interview
By Ghandy/Darkage^Scenet
MatureFurk GroupInterview

by Ghandy/Darkage^Scenet staff


Who earned the crown of the combined Assembly 2001 democompetition? And this to the surprise of many visitors in front of many, many demos based on a real strong hardware. Who has shown the audience that art counts most, not the firm that pressed their logo on the motherboard!?

The answer is as obvious as puzzling, it`s MatureFurk. Who? What? MatureFurk - the average Scener sh
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Interview with Mavey

!Interview Mavey
by Magic/Nah-Kolor
Who Is Mavey Of Potion?

by Magic of Nah-kolor


One of the best and active coder's on the Amiga scene today is Mavey of Potion. Especially his two intro's Gush and Gift are really scene pearls and very high rated in the chart's..  Mavey, in real life going by the name of Jarek Wojczakowski (20) lives in Maksymilianowo a small town near Bydgoszcz in Poland. He study's telecomunication.

"I appeared on scene in 1997. It all began in an Amiga group cal
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Interview with Mop

Interview with Norm

Interview with Puh

!Interview Puh/Agony
by Ghandy/Darkage^Scenet
Interview With Puh Of Agony

by Ghandy/Darkage^Scenet staff


Puh of Agony is one of the most skilled Amiga editors ever. Since many, many years this swedish mastermind is responsible for the Amiga demoscene mag OEPIR RISTI. OEPIR RISTI comes out quite unregulary but it was always entertaining and funny to read.

Puh can write about the usage of a new shampoo or how fishes seek for food at the ground of the sea, whatever he`s writing about 
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Interview with Razorback

Interview with Rokdazone

!Interview Rokdazone
by Magic/Nah Kolor
In Focus: Rokdazone

by Magic of Nah-kolor


Berlin, Raumerstrasse. The X-Bar is a small cocktail-bar in the in-district called Prenzlauer Berg in the east of germanys capital. Happy hour from 18 to 20 a.m. RokDaZone who has turned from beerviking to a longdrink-sipping bon-vivant already sits inside and studies the sushi offers when I enter.

200 cocktails in a card which weighs two pounds need to be tested. "After three you have enough of those
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Interview with Scorpik

!Interview with Scorpik
by Bobic/BTTR
Interview with Adam "Scorpik" Skorupa

by Bobic - Taken with permission from "Back To The Roots" @

Bobic: Why and when did you start to compose music on home computers? What was the idea behind?

Scorpik: Hah... so you want to hear this weird story? About 12 years ago I started my big passion to music. It was a very funny beginning, because being a musician wasn't exactly my personal decision. One day - just like usually at that t
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Interview with Tenshu

Interview with Urban Mueller

!Mr.Aminet Interviewed
by Ghandy/Darkage^Scenet
Urban "Mr. Aminet" Mueller In The Spotlights

done by Ghandy/Darkage^Scenet Staff

originally published in german language in the german commercial papermag AMIGAplus -


What is the most trustworthy files archive ever?, No, none of them!! It`s since many, many years, still and with no doubt the good old Aminet. Nowadays the Aminet isn`t so hip in the Amiga demoscene
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Party Reports

Report on Mekka Symposium 2001

!Yellow Hat Goes MS2K1
By Zito/DKG^RSN^1oo%

Yellow Hat Goes MS2K1 -
Mekka & Symposium Party Report 2001

by Zito/Darkage^Reason^1oo%

These are my memories of Mekka & Symposium 2001, the first computer party I visted since 1997 and the first really big one ever, so please forgive me if it gets too personal from time to time. Also the events are not ordered in a chronological way, because I am not sure if I remind the things happened the right order...

The Arrival

After some personal proble
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