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Vacuum (Group)



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The Player 6.1A
10338 bytes / crc
added 2/00

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Blast, Stelios, Thp


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    Hivel was the first and last release ever made by this group. Intro needs 2MB of chip mem.
    There is no information given about the author of the used music. Blast joined up from Energy.

    Boondocks BBS:
    HOVEL.LHA    P  19012  05-30-96  VACUUM - 'Hovel' - *OCS/AGA
    Cement City BBS:
    HOVEL.LHA    P  19012  05-30-96  VACUUM - 'Hovel' - *OCS/AGA*
    The Fortress BBS:
    HOVEL.LHA    P  11960  06-02-96  VACUUM - 'Hovel' - *OCS/AGA*                
    Guru's Dream BBS:
    HOVEL.LHA    P  12882  06-12-96  VACUUM - 'Hovel' - *OCS/AGA*
    Mystical Places BBS:
    HOVEL.LHA       11581  06-20-96  "Hovel" from Vacuum   *OCS/AGA*
                                   | Aminet Upload:3.6.1996

    Text Inside this Production

    $VER: DemOS V1.17 (08.02.96)
    CON:64/96/512/54/ /CLOSE
    *** Error: 
    [Press RETURN key to exit.] 
    not enough available memory
    PAL display needed
    unable to allocate audio channels
         You get the boot without a suit. "That's astute, old fruit"                                                  But as a rule, I'm cool. I'm no tool.                         [Don't drool]                                            An office job with the mob? Head      throb. [Sob]                  
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