C000ltro II (Demo)

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  • This release was supplied to us by Crashdisk (2024-03-03)
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The Judge

added 2/95

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House Of Coolness+49 (0)89-6518168, +49-(0)89-6518119, +49-(0)89-650725, +49-(0)89-650729, +49-(0)89-68950600 GermanyBitbug (Kim Schmitz) (aka Kimble)


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                        HELLO LAMERS!                        YOUR LEADER KIMBLE                        IS BACK WITH:                             C00LTRO II                                             

                                           YOU LAME GUYS                          KNOW ME ALSO AS                          BITBUG OF CSL                                                                

                     CALL MY 4NODES BBS                       49(0)89 6518117     49
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