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		     Version 1.0 - Relased on 22/07/1990.

	Bitplane adress:	$	  Bitplane modulo:	$

		      Name of module: 

	Module start adress:	$	  Module end adress:	$
	Module lenght:		$	  Pattern lenght:	$
	Restart pattern:	$	  Highest pattern:	$	  Instruments lenght:	$
	Score lenght:		$

		Press right mouse button to go back into RRR or

		   left mouse button for more informations !

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	A new generation of utility.... MULTI utility !

	Coding by RASPUTIN from SEMTEX Yugoslavia

	Version 1.0, relase date: 22/07/1990

	Note that this program is freeware (also Public Domain if
	you like that better, but read "last word")


	RRR is done to be used in two cases: (1) if you need Memory Peeker
	and you want save something from it or (2) if you need Noise
	Tracker (or Sound Tracker) ripper.

	0) Numbers on Screen

	The screen looks something like this:

	aaaaa   bbbb  hhhhh    cccc    ddddd   eeeee   fffff


	aaaaa	current adress of bitplane
	bbbb	bitplane modulo
	cccc	current song position [while playing]
	ddddd	start adress of sound modul
	eeeee	end adress of sound modul
	fffff	lenght of sound modul
	hhhhh	begin of raw data saveing (look below)


	* after searcking for module-
		- black...module not found (also, aaaaa, bbbbb and
		  ccccc are set to FFFFF !)
		- white...module found !
	* after some operation on keyboard
		- red...start playing module
		- green...module is playing
		- blue...stop playing module
		- cyan...some error occures (try to play or save module
			without finding it first)

	note: before few days i noticed that people who have amiga monitors
	      don't see color status line. So, i moved it down.

	1) Graphics part

	All commands are compatibile with memory peeker from Amiga
	Monitor V3.0/3.1 by Brada [now also from Semtex], but it
	isn't based on its or any other peeker's code !


	arrows...moving through memory (press shift for faster)
	+ [numeric keypad]...turns hyper speed on
	- [numeric keypad]...turns hyper speed off
	, [< without shift]...decrease bitplane modulo
	. [> without shift]...increase bitplane modulo
	del...reset modulo to zero
	return...turn medres mode on/off
	backspace...set bitplane adress equal to module adress info page
	C...output to CLI window
	W...output to RRR's own window help page (so you don't have to load this .doc
		all the time !)

	2) Sound part

	RRR can ripp Noisetracker's modules, and it also ripp all
	Sound Tracker modules with $1f instruments (ST 2.3-2.5).
	Warning: replay routine is for noisetracker's modules, not
	for soundtracker !! Also replay is improved, so if restart
	pattern is $78 (in modules from Sound Trackers) replay
	will start from pattern 0. I don't add fixing of module, so
	module will be saved with restart pattern $78. I will fix
	it in the future... (i don't fix it allready coz' I don't test
	if modules with 0 instead $78 works in Sound Trackers !)

	keyboard [numeric keypad]:

	* for module
	/...continue searching
	right module \ same commands are used in
	space...stop playing    / noisetracker ! module.
	F10 and then LEFT MOUSE instruments informations
	TAB...copy module to it's end (see hints)

	After pressing F5 you will have another menu with 4 options:

	F1 - save as "ST-00:modules/mod.(module name)" - as in all
			sound tracker rippers
	F2 - save as "df0:mod.(module name)" - if you don't have enough
			space on your ST-00 modules disk, of if you hate
			name ST-00 and modules dir (as I do)
	F3 - save as "df1:mod.(module name)" - for users with two drives
			(i remove silly option df0:(name))

	Searching with option * starts from $20000 coz below that
	adress is cli window and system area. If you want searching
	from $00000 (if you use Add21k or you start RRR with runback
	and endcli for saveing some memory) then use / all the time.
	If the module is found use backspace to see how the memory
	looks like at that place. If graphics (?!) at that place
	looks line module you can try to play it (If module is
	not found you can't play it of 'coz ! In old versions trying
	of playing without module couse Guru Meditation sometimes).
	If module found is below $20000 then i suggest that you
	copy it with TAB, and then save it or examine instruments
	(coz' window which RRR opens will erase part of module !).
	You can also use option C (turn output to CLI window) and then
	you don't have to use TAB ! (BUT, look important notes below)

	3) Other

	There is not much to say except for Raw data saveing.
	If you want save some data which are not module (eq. font,
	picture [but only as raw data !!] or bobs/sprites) you can
	do that also ! First using arrows choose start and press H.
	The numbers showen in "numbers on screen" as 'hhhhh' will be
	showen. Then also using arrows choose end adress and press F1.
	The "Save Raw Data Page" will be showen and then you can read
	begin, end and lenght of marked data (data for saveing).
	[Warning: If you choose start adress bigger then end adress
	you will get some big lenght (starting with $ff....) ! So, if
	you do that type x and enter start & end again !]
	Then enter filename (or enter x for return to RRR) and data
	will be saved (suffix .raw will be addad !).

	4) Last words

	I hope that you like this production of mine. If you
	send me donation of $5 USD, 10 DEM [70 Yu-din] or few empty
	disks you will get the last update of this program.

	Also, feel free to put this utility on your packs, utility
	disks or in public domain librarys.

	If you have reports of any bugs or you sending the
	donation write to:

		Dobrica Pavlinusic
		Vrbaniceva 2
		41000 ZAGREB

					Enjoy !

	Thanx to following people:
		Soul/Semtex ... moral support
		Mad Max/Dynax ... for writing me first bout' RRR
		Commodore ... for producing best computer ever (AMIGA)

		etc, etc....

	Also thanx to all other my friends for testing/ideas...
	I hope that this version is 100% working ! Also, look out 4
	RRR 2.0 - support for 1Mb chip ram, ripping of pictures
	(HAM also)... relese date is sometime in 9th/1990.

	Special message: (to Mad Max)
		I have only slow 1200 bps, but i ask Soul to call
		you and upload new versions to you ! Please test this !

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