Amiga Convention 1996

  • Country: Canada
  • City: Montreal
  • Location: Howard Johnson Hotel
  • Party began on: 1996-08-03
  • Party ended on: 1996-08-04

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Big-rat - Damion - Madstop - ...

Invitation Text

Amiga Convention '96

The Official Info Pack on the Amiga Convention '96

In August, in Montreal, the fourth annual Amiga Convention
will take place!  This convention will gather the Amiga
community together from all across the world to show its
support for the Amiga!  We hope to make this show an event
in the long fight to make the Amiga a well known computer
in North America again.

WHY: We are putting on the Amiga Convention '96 (AC 96) to
     support our favorite computer, the Amiga!  We f
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