Wired 1994

  • Country: Belgium
  • City: Mons
  • Party began on: 1994-10-29
  • Party ended on: 1994-10-31
  • Partyseries: Wired


official text invitation, spread on BBS (1994-08-31) [ PRESS F1 TO DISPLAY AVAILABLE FUNCTIONS ( EXPORT, PRINT, ... ) ] ÖÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄ· º W I R E D 9 4 º ÓÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄĽ þ THE OFFiCiAL INViTATiON þ A Party Organized by Antares & Babylon 5 Written By Access / OrganiZer Antares Wired 94 is the first in a series of parties to be held in Belgium with the best facilities possible. If you own a computer, want to meet some cool dudes of the scene, love sharing your knowledge, like drinking liters of coke then Wired is something you can't miss. We are proud to be one of the two PC organizers and together with our friends in Babylon 5 we will try to make this the best in PC history. Of course how fun any party can be all depends on who and how many come. So please consider going to this party ! Note: This is only a introduction to the rules of the party, so some things can change in the final rules. The organizers reserve the right to make any changes to the competition rules, and to disqualify any entry if it is not suitable to attend the competitions for some reasons. Where and When ? ---------------- The party stars on Saturday 29th 13:00 of October and ends on Monday the 31st 13:00. The party place is located into the University of Mons-Hainaut, in the center of a great town called Mons (Belgium). What will it cost ? ------------------- We have try to make the entrance fee as low as possible. There is 2 ways to get in : - As a simple visitor : You come only to see what's up. You are only allowed to take part into the Video Games Competitions. Price : 100 BEF ( No Table ) 300 BEF ( With A Table & Electricity ) No Presale for this option. - As a group : This option include : a entry for each member of the group, the right to participate to all competitions and a FREE Table to put your computer on. ( It's possible to install 2 Computers on each table ). Price : 700 BEF ( At the Party Place ). 650 BEF ( If You paid in Advance ). If you want another tables, it's 200 BEF each. This arrangement can seem to be a little strange but that permit to beginner to see what is happening during a party and to member of group to pay near from nothing. ( Example : 5 members -> 140 BEF By Member ! ) N.B. You get ofcourse electricity if you get a table. To Paid in advance, Use Postal Mandat to the Bank Account : 000-1351594-93 Belgian People can ofcourse do a classic Bank Transfer on this account too. As Communication on the Mandat or the Bank Transfer, write your First & Last Name, Your Handle (if any), Your Group (if any) And Your Ticket Number if you have did a ONLiNE REGiSTRATiON on ULTiMAT BBS. Don't forget to bringt a proof that you have paid with you at the Party. Then you'll be "marked" so that we can see wether you have payed or not. The entrance fee will be used as cash prizes in the differents competitions. Unfortunately, we do only accept payment in BEF. So make sure to change some money into these currency before arriving at the party place. We will give a Free Drink Ticket to each people who come with a working computer ! Competitions ------------ General rules for all competitions : - There is competitions for PC & Amiga - The competitors *MUST* be present at the party. - Only one contribution for each group/composer/artist. - All contribution must be 100% finished ( no preview ). - We will copy and spread all contributions except for the PC Demos and the RayTrace Movies. - All entries must be delivred IN TIME at the information counter near the entrance. This is very important if we will have enough time to show all contribution. - All disks must be marked with a name and an address, so we can contact the competitor. - If a demo requires any user interaction, we want ONE of the competitors to run the demo in the control room. - You will be allowed to vote for the three best in all competitions on BOTH Pc & Amiga. We see no reason why PC dudes can vote for the Amiga competitions and vice-versa. - If there is to much competitions in one category, a jury of ten people will be formed and they will choose to be showed. Members of the jury will be taken in the audience ( it can be you! =). You only need to be in a demo group. - NO Disk will be returned. If enough C64 & C128 Dudes ask us, we could organize competitions for their computer. We are also thinking a Ansi compo... Tell us if you are interrested. The actual prizes may be software, hardware or cash. This depends of our sponsors and how many will be their. You will have more information about this in the second invitation. Cash prizes will be payed in Belgian Francs. Amiga Demos ----------- - We will run the demo on : A A500+ With 512 Ko Chip & 512 Ko Fast Or A A1200 With 2Mo Chip Memory You choose the machine you want your demo to run on. - The disk must start from the boot, even if it is a one file demo. - We will show the demo for 15 minutes absolute maximum. - Maximum size : 4 Disks Amiga Intro ----------- - Must work on an Amiga with KickStart 2.0 - File Size limit is 40 Ko. Amiga GFX --------- - The picture must be loadable from Deluxe Paint IV AGA. - AGA, HAM are allowed. ( we will simply tell the public if one of these mode is used ). - The name of the competitor must not be present on the picture. ( The release version can of course have your signature ) - Ripped, scanned, calculated and raytraced are *NOT* allowed. Amiga Music ----------- - The tune must be an executable, a standard Protracker file ( 2.11 -> + ) or a OctaMed File ( 3.0 -> + ) - We will play the tune for maximum 5 minutes. - Maximum size : 512 Ko Chip - We will not show the author's name while we play song to the audience. PC Demo ------- - We will run the demo on a standard 486DX-33 Mhz with ET4000, SoundBlaster Pro ( DSP 3.04 ). - If your demo support some other sound card, bring it with you. - The demo must be able to run from HardDisk. - Only 100% VGA Register level compatible graphics mode and *NO* SVGA. - We will use MSDOS 6.3. If your demo require any specials Operating System or configuration, please bring a boot disk with you ( the PC will be booted on the BootDisk but the demo will be loaded from HardDisk ). - It would be suitable if your demo can run under one these configuration : - HIMEM Alone - HIMEM+EMM386 - QEMM 7.03 Otherwise, bring all necessary memory managers with you. - File Size limit is 4096 Ko. - Animation file not accepted. - We know by our experience of Demo Coders that the competition demos are often not bugfixed for all hardwares and sometime run through Batchfile. Therefor, the PC demos will only be showed on the Big screen but not spread at the party like the others. You will have 1 month to finish and release your demo after the party before we release the competition version ourself. You will be allowed to test your demo 2 times on the machine connected to the bigscreen ( but not ON the bigscreen ) before we show them to the audience. PC Intro -------- - The intros must run on the same machine than the demos. - File Size limit is 64Ko. - Maximum running time is 8 minutes. - Only 100% VGA register level compatible graphics mode and *NO* SVGA - Animation file not accepted. PC GFX ------ - Only Standard VGA, SVGA *NOT* allowed ( tweaked mode are allright ). That's mean : - 320x200, 256 colors - 320x240, 256 colors - 320x400, 256 colors - 360x480, 256 colors - 640x350, 16 colors - 640x480, 16 colors + all other modes available on a 256Kb VGA Card. - 256 Colors maximum with standard VGA palette ( 262144 Colors ) - We will use CompuShow or VPIC to display the picture. if your picture can't be displayed by these viewer, please bring your own viewer. - Executable file are allright. ( Hint ! =) - The name of the competitor must not be present on the picture. ( The release version can of course have your signature ) - Ripped, ray-traced, calculated and scanned picture are *NOT* allowed. PC Music -------- - Any format allowed. We simply ask you to bringht your own player if you use some exotic format. "Normal" Module will be played with the lastest version of DMP ( Dual Module Player By Otto Chrons ). DMP is probably the best player ever made on PC and can handle some interresting effets like Surround/Panning. So, take advantage of those technics ( Hint! =). - Maximum number of channels is 32. - No VOC or WAVE File Of Course. - We will use A SoundBlaster 16 ( 16 bit & 44Hz Stereo ) - Maximum size : 1024Ko - We will play the module for 5 minutes absolute maximum. - *NO* MIDI Stuff. - We will not show the author's name while playing. RayTrace Movies --------------- 3D Studio & Imagine Wizard can compete here by showing their best animation. 2 Solutions : The animation will be play on a computer : - PC Only ( because we don't want to have to restore hundreds of D7 Backup) - Maximum File Size ( Anim + Sound ) : 80 Mo. - Any file format allowed ( FLI, DPA, GL, DL, ... ) - You could add sound if you wish ( VOC, MOD, ... ) - Please give us the adequate player for your animation. - Include a valid Batchfile for running your Anim & Sound player Or give us your movies on a VHS cassette. ( PAL Standard !!!! ) - Only RayTrace Movies allowed ( No Digit,etc... ) - Ripped Movies will be disqualified. Surprise Competition ( PC & Amiga ) -------------------- In this category, we will ask to code something very particular with the smallest size possible. More information on this at the Party. =) How to rejoin the Party Place ? ------------------------------- It's quite easy to join Mons by car or Train and the way from the RailRoad Station to the Party Place will be marked in the city. You could find map on Mons into the Party Invitation Intro ( Search for WIRED94.* ) and we will tell you how to come from your location to the party place if you return us the little form at the end of this text. How Do I Behave ? ----------------- - Smoking is only allowed outside the building. - Alcohol and drug are stricly forbidden. I think we don't need these stuffs to get some real fun =) - Naturally, you will have to pay for everything you destroy or damage. - Those who can't behave properly will be thrown out of the building and we don't hesitate to hand real trouble-maker over to the police. - We will not accept anybody selling food, drinks, disks or other things. - Please use the trashcan around the room so we didn't to spend 3 whole days cleaning your mess. - We take no responsibility for illegal swapping, software, video and other stuffs. Video Games Competitions ------------------------ - We will organize some competition on the following Games : - Doom Network. - Street Fighter II. And probably a lot of others ... How is the Party Place ? ------------------------ This is the normally the place where we start boring you with the size of the hall, the height of the Video Screen and how many dogs we can kill with the Sound System. Don't worry, there will be place for anybody who have reserved his table and the sound will be extremely cool. If you need absolutely informations about these stuffs, we will include them into the second invitation package. Some more importants stuffs : - the toilet facilities will be very cool =) - Electricity for all - 24 Hr Sandwich/Drink Sealing in the Party Place - Pizza Service at 12H00 and 19H00. - VERY VERY standalone Quite hall for sleeping purposes ( don't forget your sleeping bags. ) - Non-Stop Computer Music in the Coding Room at reasonable volume. ( Modules for the most part... If you got a good collection, Please bringt it with you, we will play them ). - Enough tables and chairs for everyone. Just Bring your computer with you. and a lots of other things ... Please brought your own SAFE wires with you ! If you want to show something particular on the big Screen ( Video, Demo or Game Preview for example ), please bring it with you. If you are arranging a BUSTRIP to our party, please contact us for entrance fee discounts and exact location. OFFiCiAL Party Sponsors ----------------------- At This time ( 05/08 ), we got 3 OFFiCiALs Sponsors Who Are : - Riverland Publications ( WAVE, CM Corporate, Computer Magazine ) ( Avenue Excelsior 40-42 1930 Zaventem ) - Borland Belgium ( Avenue Boechoutlaan 55 B1 1853 Strombeek-Bever ) - WordPerfect Belgium ( Avenue du Boulevard 21 B9 1210 Bruxelles ) Thanks To Them For Giving Us Some Prizes ! If Other Firms Are Interrested in Sponsoring, But do not hesitate To contact us ! REGiSTRATiON FORM ----------------- We would be great if your filled in this following form and posted it to the address mentioned below to reserve tables and to give us an idea of how many people we can expect. You can upload it to our World HeadQuarter ULTiMAT BBS if you want, just give a valid filename ( your groupname for example ). OnLine Registration is also possible ! Add any suggestions or ideas about anything written in this textfile. ------------------------------------------------------------------- CONTACTPERSON: Handle : Group : Real Name : Address : Phone : Network : GENERAL: Number of persons : Numbers of computers : Computer(s)-type : Comments : ----------------------------------- ----------------------------------- ----------------------------------- ----------------------------------- ----------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------------------------- Address ------- Firms interrested in sponsoring can also contact us at these address. SnailMail ( the Slowest Way ) : WiRED 94 HeadQuarter Rue du Millenaire, 3 7080 Frameries Belgium Voice ( French & English ) : +32-65-667040 -Access / Antares- (Fast!) OFFiCiAL PARTY iNFO LiNE (Ask For Francois) If this number doens't respond ( or if i'm not there =), try : +32-65-770670 -White Tiger / Antares- ( At Decent Hour ) ( Ask For Vincent) Modem : ULTiMAT BBS / Antares World HeadQuarter ( ONLiNE REGiSTRATiON + +32-2-375.56.51 ZyXel 19200 LAST PARTY iNFO ) SysOp : Cobra / Antares We have created a special Area where you can get the Invitation Text, Downloading the Party Intro, making reservation online. For Fast Logon, Use Username : GUEST Password : WIRED Please log as a normal user if you want to leave mail... PointBreak BBS / Antares Euro HeadQuarter +32-11-436925 6 Nodes RingDown SysOp : Lord Cyrix / Access Denied Leave Message To Access It's possible to reserve table ON-LiNE on ULTiMAT BBS ! NetWork ( The Best Way ) : - FidoNet 2:291/735 ( Cobra / ADV - Antares WHQ SysOp ) - SBCNet 14:1900/406 InterNet Email & FTP : We are working like hell on this. Email & FTP address will be included in the Party Intro. Check On Ultimat BBS. The FTP Site will contain : - The iNViTATiON TEXT - The Party Intro - Maps - All The Recent Antares Releases. - After The Party, All The Group Release.. Nice, eh ? It is ofcourse possible to leave Mail .... If we have enough time, we will maybe setup a MOSAiC Server, but not sure... Last Note --------- I Borrowed some texts from various other Party Invitation. They were Sooo Good And Wanted To Write A Very Complete Text So I Hope The Authors Won't Mind About That... That's all for this invitation. If you want more information, simply contact us, we will be glad helping you ! And .... Be Cool, Be There ! [ ACCESS / OrganiZer Antares ]

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