Little Computer People 2008

About WHAT? Ten years after first surfacing on earth, and two years after merging with Floppy (into BFP), LCP is now back again in yet another incarnation. This time in the form of St Lars Computer People, mostly organized by good old Frantic of Hack'n'Trade, with some help from the creatures behind the St Lars series of parties: Jackasser and Raveguru of Instinct. The result is yet another smashing party for all the C64/Amiga/Atari/etc lovers around! Those of you who ever visited a LCP, BFP, Floppy or St Lars party know the deal. A whole weekend of smelly D.A.T.A action, talking, boozing, blipping and blopping, finalized by an ancient compo ritual where people do their best to show off their coding/music/graphics/mongo abilities.

Releases and Competitions


Graphics CompetitionRankingAuthorYear
downloadRobo Streets1Otro
added 1/19
Open DemoRankingAuthorYear
downloadThe Message2Durex
Bajtek - Boyfriend - Mad Fist - ...
added 9/08