The Copenhagen Party '97

  • Country: Denmark
  • City: Copenhagen
  • Location: Skolen ved Sundet
  • Organizer(s): Dansk Gruppe Af Computerfreaks
  • Party began on: 1997-06-29
  • Party ended on: 1997-07-06


The copenhagen party The Danish Group of Computerfreaks, also called DGC, was found on 28.10.1995. Our aim is to become Denmark's largest organisation within the year 2000; an assembly of private computer-owners in Denmark. Our purpose is not without an aim. When we found the organization, we were only 8. Today approximately on year later, we are 160 people, increasing with 3-7 new members per week. DGCs headquarters is situated in Roedovre. Presently, we have sections in Odense, Bornholm, a section on Amager an one in Viborg(more is on the way) One of DGC's main goals is to spread the knowledge on, and the use of, the computer among privates and public sector. This means that we frequently hold computerparties where we meet and exchange experience, make competitions etc. A social gathering around our joint interest, THE COMPUTER The Copenhagen Party The idea of The copenhhagen Party appeared at a computer-meeting in February 1996, where several presented the wish for a large party, such as TP in Jutland where the numbers of participants are approximately 3000 people, and with a total sold out several month on before hand. We aim about 600 participants at our first party on the 29.6-6.7.97, a whole week in the beautiful Copenhagen. For this party we need something exceptional which can draw peoples attention. What happens at TcP NETWORK for both PC and Amiga (this means about 600 cables have to be laid out. A couple of large pentium machines with lot of storage room, about 10-20 Gb, and the most expensive, Hobers, to operate the network). WIDESCREEN for commercial from the sponsors and to present demo spots etc. ADVENTUREROOM where the resent technology is presented, preferably with lots of new machines and programs. SHOWROOMS where movies are presented non-stop on a 24 hour basis (relaxing). VALHALLAROOM from the networkplay Valhalla is operated. LOTTERY with tickets for scraping with "draw a blank"- tickets drawn about every 2nd hour during the whole party with lots of big prices. DISCOROOM (Hawaiibar) with sales of non-alcoholic drinks (The tekno music and disco is presented by the best DJ's from THE VOICE and they are sending directly from the party !!!!). KIOSK(S) and cafeteria with cold/warm meals, sodapops etc. SALES PITCHES where the sponsor can present their products. SAFETY ROOM where people can storage their equipment if they are leaving the party (for a tour on the beech or a trip in TIVOLI etc). Competitions PC/AMIGA sponsor demo competition PC/AMIGA wild demo competition PC/AMIGA 3D demo competition PC/AMIGA 4 channel tracker competition PC/AMIGA multichannel competition PC/AMIGA GFX competition LOTS of surprise competitions (QUAKE etc) Where do I get my tickets ? Prices: Near stage tickets: 350 DKR. 1'st & 2'nd : 300 DKR. Rooms for up to 10 persons: 1500 DKR. You can buy your tickets on following addresses: Denmark on all Post-offices (extra fee 10 DKR)

Reviews and Reports

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Review Text

                The Copenhagen Lame Party 1997 Results

Amiga Demo
1	IRIS				Kilkenny	       129
2	Gunnars Farvebio		Megademo $B		86
3	Depth & Efreet			Bebetotefofu?		37
4	Hotdog				Smoke			18
5	Fnuque & Depth			Bamses Parkvise		17
6	Depth				Frankofon		17
7	Flood Demo Division		Jumping Jack		 5

PeeCee Demo
1	Renegades			Solelover		108
2	Puld				Friendly		42
3	Interior Productions		Trip			40
4	ABC Warriors			Commodore PC		18

40k Amiga Intro
1	Depth				Placebo			97
2	Gunnars Farvebio		Haribo M
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AGA Chipset required
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Review Text

The Copenhagen Party 1997

             The Copenhagen Party 1997 Results

Amiga Demo
1   IRIS                            Kilkenny            129
2   Gunnars Farvebio                Megademo $B         86
3   Depth & Efreet                  Bebetotefofu?       37
4   Hotdog                          Smoke               18
5   Fnuque & Depth                  Bamses Parkvise     17
6   Depth                           Frankofon           17
7   Flood Demo Division         
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Releases and Competitions


Demo CompetitionRankingAuthorYear
Bandy - Bifrost - Gilo - ...
downloadMegademo $B2Gunnars Farvebio
Bandy - Boris Bahnhof - Daddy Kool - ...
added 7/99
added 2/01
downloadSmoke4Hotdog Productions
D-Tail - Dizy
added 4/16
downloadBamses Parkvise5Depth
Dizy - K - Trip - ...
added 12/07
added 2/99
40k Intro CompetitionRankingAuthorYear
Ib - Optima - Trip
added 2/99
downloadHaribo Mapping2Gunnars Farvebio
Boris Bahnhof - Daddy Kool - Johnny Hash - ...
4k Intro CompetitionRankingAuthorYear
downloadWait1Gunnars Farvebio
Daddy Kool - Onkel Hans Fra Enghave Plads
downloadSplat 22Efreet
Blueberry - Existence - Lemmus

Other Releases

added 2/99