16 Bit Computer Show 90

  • Country: United Kingdom
  • City: London
  • Party was in: 1990-06


16Bit Computer Show - June 1990 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ This is to be the second such event held by Westminster exhibitions at the Royal Horticultural Halls, Victoria, London and I hope it's a bit more exciting than the last somewhat dull affair in January where I had the misfortune to attend for a couple of days. I am due to visit the event in approx a weeks time where I'll be meeting up with my dutch counterpart, Ron Fonteine. Needless to say this meeting will involve beer and food at some stage too. There are a mass of third party companies there and seemingly a lack of software companies and hardware people. As usual its the bulk-shifters and bargain places that will take pride of place. This time there is also a trade day, which should allow everyone to get bored in comfort and make sure we avoid the 14year olds trying to get served at the bar. Hopefully I'm looking for the show to inject a bit of zest back into the Amiga and it's a pity that the ST and maybe the IBMS will be in evidence too.. there's nothing more irritating than walking round in presence of ST owners bleating about how good their injection-moulded fire-starters actually are. Yik. The place isn't too big and on the public days it's sure to be packed to capacity although perhaps the best time to get in is later on in the day when bargains are to be had and most of the vistors have shuffled home with their new aquisitions safely in hand. By the time you read this, the show will be over which makes me wonder why the hell I'm sat here telling you about it. Never mind. A full report of the show should also be on this disk which should confirm my theories about the event. Everyone is now excitedly chatting about the ECES show in September which in all honesty is THE main event - it is what used to be the PCW show. A preview of that coming up soon.

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