mod.stinking madness
Text Inside this Production

stinking madness

by axel of brainstorm
for the new genera-
tion of our compiles
which are going to be
packed by our new
member in brainstorm
named -=the pride=- !
at this place i would
like to welcome 
him in -=brainstorm=-
you will have lots of
fun in our mad group
i am sure! see you at
the *rebels-quartex*
party up in denmark!!
if someone would like
to contact me for any
music reasons (game-
or demomusics) then
feel free to catch me
at this address:
alexander strohm
4147 aesch
switzerland or chat 
with me at:
(ch)-(0)61-782287 !!!
short greets to:tip,
mad freak,matthew s.,