Text Inside this Production


by axel of brainstorm
for zine issue nine.
if software companies
want to contact the
label for prof. game-
musics "soundwizards"
then write to one of
the two sws members:
alexander strohm
4147 aesch
switzerland. my re-
gards go to: maestro.
tip.jesper kyd.4-mat.
oistein eide.dr.awe-
some, delorean,grubi.
you can also call me:
but only for con-
tracts or fun-talks.
see you in a new tune
also a special regard
must go to my 
girlfriend named
patsy, for support!!!
ps: thanks delorean
for the ananas
package. may allah be
be with you!
tom&jerry for ever!!!
see, i'm also weird!!