Text Inside this Production


composed by..........
heatbeat of rebels...
this must b the worst
tune i have ever made
-even my old 64 muzax
were better...    :-)
we needed a short muz
for a bootmenu, so i 
had to make this shit
why can't we make 200
kb long bootmenus?!?!
it could be much much
easier for the both; 
for the collector and
the musician!!!!  :-)
if you want to buy a 
tune for your product
contact me at:       
antti mikkonen       
kuikanhuuto 1 as 13  
sf-87250 kajaani     
the prices are:-     
10000fim....long tune
you can also pay with
empty disks...       
2000disks...long tune
lamers must pay more!